An Austrian SME with vast experience in H2020/Horizon Europe projects is looking for partners to work on HORIZON-CL3-2024-INFRA-01-02

Last update: Feb 9, 2024
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Last update: Feb 9, 2024 Last update: Feb 9, 2024


Deadline: Nov 20, 2024
Organization:UBIMET GmbH
Project locations: EU 27 EU 27
Sectors: Urban Development, Security Urban Development, Security
Partner types: Academic Institution, Consulting Organization, Government Agency, NGO, Other Academic Institution, Consulting Organization, Government Agency, NGO, Other
Partner locations: EU 27, Europe Non EU 27 EU 27, Europe Non EU 27


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UBIMET is an Austrian SME with vast experience in H2020/Horizon Europe projects. As one of the leading weather data and service providers in Europe, UBIMET has become the international competence center for meteorology & severe weather alerts, offering its services on a global scale. We can contribute in development of AI-based weather models, historical weather data, precise weather forecasts, climate projections, and development/operation of early warning systems for extreme weather events.

Resilient and secure urban planning and new tools for EU territorial entities


Programme: Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)
Cal: Resilient Infrastructure 2024 (HORIZON-CL3-2024-INFRA-01

Projects’ results are expected to contribute to all of the following outcomes:

Evaluation of the resilience of an urban and peri-urban environment, identification of weaknesses and recommendations for changes to organizational processes;
Creation of new tools and cost-efficient security upgrades of urban infrastructures with possibilities of pooling and sharing of complex security systems, taking into account limited budgets of local authorities;
Improved efficiency of the security forces and emergency services (police, firefighters, paramedics ...) for the benefit of the European citizens and residents;
Promotion of best practices, creation of EU sovereign trusted decision support tool/solution and spreading of effective tools and capabilities across entities in different EU territories despite their size and location.
European territories are developing into more connected and complex systems of different services and infrastructures empowered by technologies and growing digitisation. This change in urban areas in Europe, brings new opportunities but also new threats for the authorities and their relationship with the citizens and residents. It is therefore critical for the resilience of our urban areas and for their citizens’ wellbeing that those services are trusted and secure.

The classical large-scale infrastructures have a long tradition of implementing the principles of Safety-by-design and Security-by-design when planning their assets. However, with more and more infrastructures on the local level becoming vulnerable, security research can support their protection with new approaches in ‘Security-by-design’[1]. In view of limited budgets of many local administrations, improved knowledge as well as innovative security upgrades and processes for existing urban infrastructures equipped with advanced connectivity technologies and cooperative systems could be explored.

EU territories, despite their size and location, suffer from a lack of dedicated EU sovereign and trusted tools in order to enhance the coordination of local first responders and to improve security coverage, such as the preparation of operational staff, field intervention and predictive tools. Even though some complicated tools already exist, it is clear that there is no generic, cost effective and easy to use solutions for local authorities. Therefore, there is a need for creation of new tools that are designed in a simple manner and deployed in an effective way.

Please, visit the following page to get more information regarding this call: https://www.developmentaid.org/grants/view/1052124/resilient-and-secure-urban-planning-and-new-tools-for-eu-territorial-entities