Cerca Trova Ltd

SME based in Bulgaria with expertise in the areas of Industrial Automation, IoT, ICT, etc. is looking for partners for "MSCA COFUND 2022" Horizon Project

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Last update: Sep 20, 2022 Last update: Sep 20, 2022


Deadline: Feb 9, 2023
Organization: Cerca Trova Ltd
Project locations: EU 27 EU 27
Sectors: Research Research
Partner types: Academic Institution, Consulting Organization, NGO, Other Academic Institution, Consulting Organization, NGO, Other
Partner locations: Worldwide Worldwide


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Cerca Trova Ltd is an SME based in Bulgaria with expertise in the areas of Industrial Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), ICT, AI, Composite Materials (CFRP), ERASMUS+ Educational Programs, e-Platforms and Database development. We are looking for projects and consortia to provide our expertise. 

We are interested in the following call:


Programme: Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)
Type of action: HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-Cofund HORIZON TMA MSCA Cofund
Deadline model: single-stage
Planned opening date: 11 October 2022
Deadline date: 09 February 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time

Topic description


Projects results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

For supported doctoral candidates or postdoctoral researchers

  • Deeper and more diverse set of research-related and transferable skills and competences;
  • Improved employability and career prospects both within academia and beyond;
  • New mind-sets and approaches to R&I work forged through interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral experience;
  • Enhanced networking and communication capacities with scientific peers, as well as with the general public that will increase and broaden the research and innovation impact.

For participating organisations

  • Enhanced quality and sustainability of research training;
  • Increased global attractiveness, visibility and reputation of the participating organisation(s);
  • Stronger R&I capacity and output among participating organisations;
  • Increased contribution of the participating organisations to the local, regional and/or national socio-economic ecosystems;
  • Regular feedback of research results into teaching and education at participating organisations.

Applicants submit proposals for new or existing doctoral or postdoctoral programmes with an impact on the enhancement of human resources in R&I at regional, national or international level. These programmes will be co-funded by MSCA COFUND.

Proposed programmes can cover any research disciplines ("bottom-up"), but exceptionally can also focus on specific disciplines, notably when they are based on national or regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3 strategies). In this case, the range of covered disciplines should allow reasonable flexibility for the researchers to define their topic.

For more information regarding the call, please, see the following link.