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Office: Albania
Address: Rruga “Aleksandër Moisiu”, nr. 76, ish Kinostudio “Shqipëria e Re”, Tiranë
E-mail(s): info@kultura.gov.al
Contact person: CEO
Phone: (04)2271324
Awards in: Albania Albania
Sectors: Culture Culture
Nr. of employees: 51-200
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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The Ministry of Culture, in accordance with the main directions of general state policy and with the program of the Council of Ministers, exercises its activity in the following areas of state responsibility:
- Designs, programs and develops national policies of culture, cultural heritage, material and spiritual, religious tolerance and cultural dialogue and cultural integration in the family, European and world, in accordance with the program of the Government of the Republic of Albania.
- Designs and coordinates work on arts and culture policies through population education, restoring values and cultural heritage, promoting public and private investment in these sectors, monitoring the use of public funds to support development culture, education in culture, protection of cultural heritage, preservation and continuation of the tradition of religious harmony in Albanian culture, as well as regional cooperation.
- Develops policies for the protection and promotion of cultural, material or spiritual heritage, as well as creating the necessary legal and supportive spaces for the preservation and cultivation of written culture, for artistic creativity in general, and for promoting the achievements of Albanian culture. e to increase the competitiveness of the Albanian cultural product across borders.
- Develops policies for the existence of Albania as an active partner in international, European and regional organizations in the field of arts and culture and cultural heritage through accession to relevant institutions.
- Manages, schedules and supports activities, national and international, with the aim of identifying and developing cultural, artistic and literary trends within the country, as well as engaging and confronting the best national values with regional ones, such as heritage and contemporary ones. and to create a space for all-Albanian dialogue and cultural diversity.
- Through the subordinate structures performs the registration, supervision and monitoring of the observance of the rights of authors and other related rights, by subjects, natural / legal persons, private or public, users of literary, artistic and scientific property. .
- Performs other functions and activities in accordance with the law

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