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Office: Iraq
Address: 00964 000 0000000
Contact person: Secretary
Sectors: Public Administration Public Administration
Nr. of employees: 11-50
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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Iraq's capital and largest city, with an estimated population of 5.5 million in 2006, has contributed to the concentration of political, administrative and economic activities in Iraq.
Its excellent location in the center of Iraq and in the heart of a vital region of the world is (Middle East). As a result of these factors and because of the problems of the city of Baghdad, which is not the birth of the present and a large part of it is not related to Baghdad alone, but also "the general conditions surrounding Iraq, the attention to the city of Baghdad must be at the forefront of the priorities of the central and local government in order to create balanced urban development It will ensure a healthy environment for citizens and facilitate the requirements of their lives and provide the best services for them through the combined efforts of official institutions and community organizations and citizens because the development and development of Baghdad is a shared responsibility.
While we are aware of the nature of the current circumstances surrounding the country, especially the "security aspects" as well as the absence of political and economic stability and the lack of sufficient information and data and the difficulty of obtaining them, but this does not prevent (Baghdad Municipality) to set specific objectives through which to solve the current problems of the city Baghdad or that will arise in the future "by raising the efficiency of the various activities in it and emphasizing the functions of the proposed city and find the best functional linkages between different uses, especially" the spatial distribution of land uses and linking them to various transport networks.

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