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Office: Senegal
Address: Projet SEN/032 Bureau d’appui technique sis aux Almadies Zone 14 - Lot 6 - BP 29 315 Dakar Yoff
E-mail(s): senluxproc@luxdev.lu
Contact person: Gaston Schwartz, Managing Director
Phone: + 221 33 869 34 00
Sectors: Education, Health, Micro-finance Education, Health, Micro-finance
Nr. of employees: 51-200
Types: Bilateral Bilateral
Status: Active


The Senegal river forms the border with Mauritania and its main tributary marks the frontier with Mali. At the centre, the Saloum flows into the sea via a long estuary full of mangroves. These rivers are subject to seasonal variations, except for the Senegal, which has been developed so as to allow the irrigation of its delta.

The Vision 2020 has four main pillars describing what LuxDev should be and do in order to fulfil its mission successfully.

We are a reliable and effective partner in meeting the commitments of the Luxembourg Development Cooperation;
We are close to the realities in the field, we are operational and flexible whilst complying with our values. We are thereby able to serve multiple constituents;
Together with our partners, we are committed to achieving results in sustainable, inclusive development through capacity building;
We invest in developing our skills and in retaining the knowledge and experience we have gained.


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