Ministry of Industry and Mines (Algeria) / Ministère de l'Industrie et des Mines (Algérie)

Ministry of Industry and Mines (Algeria) / Ministère de l'Industrie et des Mines (Algérie)

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Office: Algeria
Contact person: Administration
Sectors: Industry, Commerce & Services, Mining Industry, Commerce & Services, Mining
Nr. of employees: 11-50
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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The missions of the Ministry of Industry and Mines are listed in the following:

Article 1. Within the framework of the general policy of the government, the Minister of Industry and Mines proposes the elements of the national policy in the fields of industrial policy, industrial competitiveness, the promotion of support services, the management of state holdings in the industrial public sector, geological exploitation, geological and mining research, development, exploitation and exploitation of mineral resources, promotion of investment and small and medium-sized business. It monitors and controls their implementation in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

As such, it proposes, in accordance with the government program, the elements for defining the growth and industrial and mining development policy.

It reports on the results of its activities to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, according to the established forms, methods and deadlines.

Art. 2. The Minister of Industry and Mines exercises his powers in relation to the institutions, the organs of the State and the interventions concerned and in concert with the economic and social partners.

As such, it has in particular the following responsibilities:

To develop and propose policies for the promotion and development of industrial economic enterprise, national industrial production, industrial sectors and to implement, ensure their application and ensure monitoring;
To develop and consolidate the national industrial fabric;
To promote industrial competitiveness by setting up, in conjunction with the sectors and organizations concerned, a national innovation system, a national program for upgrading businesses aimed at qualifying human resources and promoting access to technology and know-how;
To promote the development of standardization, industrial property, metrology, accreditation and industrial security;
To develop and propose the policy for managing state holdings in the industrial public sector and to ensure its implementation
To take all measures of a nature to promote productive investment, the spatial deployment of industrial development and to ensure their application;
To encourage and obtain freedom and facilitation in making investments;
To promote and / or participate in industrial, financial, commercial and service partnership programs with a view to improving economic efficiency and growth;
To organize the framework of the prospective and the promotion of the technological watch in the fields of industry and mines;
Encourage the emergence of an economic, technical, scientific and legal environment favorable to the development of economic enterprise;
Establish the conditions necessary for the emergence of new small and medium-sized enterprises and facilitate their adaptation to new technologies;
Improve and facilitate access to small and medium-sized enterprises for suitable financing;
To oversee the management of funds and financial support mechanisms granted for the development of the industry sector, small and medium-sized enterprises and investment;
To support and encourage programs intended to promote national production and its development;
Ensure the development of geological exploitation, geological and mining research and the exploitation and development of mineral resources

Art. 3. Under industrial policies.

Develop and implement, in collaboration with the parties concerned, industrial policies by sector, assess the impacts and propose the necessary adjustments;
Ensure the strengthening of the productive capacities of industrial companies;
Encourage intra and intersectoral integration programs;
Foster industrial partnership and encourage the emergence of subcontracting activities;
Take any measure of a nature to allow the achievement of the objectives set by industrial policies by sector.

Art. 4. For the promotion of industrial activities

Ensure the establishment of any entity capable of developing and promoting new industrial activities and new technologies;
Encourage development programs for industries and industrial products;

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