Ministère des Ressources Hydrauliques et de l'Electricité (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Ministère des Ressources Hydrauliques et de l'Electricité (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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Office: Dem. Rep. Congo
Contact person: Officer
Sectors: Electrical Engineering, Water & Sanitati ... See more Electrical Engineering, Water & Sanitation
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Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources aims to:
- manage energy policy in all its forms, including the development of the energy strategy, the establishment of an electricity master plan and regulatory mechanisms; development of the production, transport and distribution potential of water and electricity; the development of export capacities for electric power and domestic supplies;
- manage the related reforms and restructurings necessary to improve the efficiency of the energy sector in collaboration with the Ministry of the Portfolio;
- apply the legislation in force and adapt it, if necessary;
- granting approval for the supply of energy goods and services;
- to grant the rights, by agreement, in matters of construction of hydroelectric dams of transmission lines;
- to ensure the monitoring and technical control of the activities of protection, transport and distribution of water and electricity.
- ensure the water and electricity distribution policy;
- ensure the technical control of companies producing, transporting and marketing water and electricity;
- ensure the management of energy resources;
- ensure the management of the drinking and hydraulic water sector and the electricity sector.

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