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Office: Germany
Address: V. Reinhardtstraße 32 10117 Berlin Germany
Contact person: Julia Braune - Managing Director
Phone: +49-303001991227
Awards in: Worldwide Worldwide
Sectors: Civil Engineering, Environment & NRM, Wa ... See more Civil Engineering, Environment & NRM, Water & Sanitation
Nr. of employees: 2-10
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Status: Active


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German Water Partnership is a central coordination and contact office of the German water sector serving foreign partners and clients.

Strategic positioning as central contact for enquiries from abroad
German Water Partnership provides foreign customers with indiviual information and supports communication and initiation of business with its members and partners.

Raising the profile of German water industry and research abroad
At international symposia and conferences GWP presents and explains the competences and unique position features of German water industry and research.

Expansion of internal communication
Within its committees, at the annual conference, and on the website GWP offers a broad variety of opportunities to exchange information and experiences.

Networking and cooperation with professional associations, organisations and ministries
Continuous exchange and cooperation between GWP and professional associations, organisations and ministries strengthens the position of the German water industry and research in international markets.

Expansion of the international network in the focus countries
The » regional sections within GWP are the main instrument for building a network for its members in the focus countries in order to strengthen the position of German water industry and research under consideration of regional characteristics.

Intensifying networks of industry and research
GWP supports communication between companies and research institutes and makes an effort to break down barriers to innovation and to improve the marketing environment of the German water industry.

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