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Martin West
Martin West
Martin West
30 years of experience in a broad range of developmental areas, both technically, managerially and commercially with the following specialisations. Project Management and Training Team leader long term experience for EU projects and Chief of Party and Deputy Chief Party for USAID projects in various conflict and post conflict areas such as Afghanis...Last update: May 20, 2024
Operations OfficerLast update: 5 days ago
Experience:15 yearsCitizenship:Burkina FasoEd. Degree:Masters
GIS and Cartography ExpertLast update: 5 days ago
Experience:17 yearsCitizenship:BeninEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Jul 5, 2023
Experience:22 yearsCitizenship:BeninEd. Degree:Masters
Head of Finance & AdministrationLast update: May 17, 2024
Experience:25 yearsCitizenship:MalawiEd. Degree:MBA
Last update: May 21, 2024
Experience:32 yearsCitizenship:MalaysiaEd. Degree:MBA
Last update: Jul 5, 2023
Experience:35 yearsCitizenship:NetherlandsEd. Degree:Masters
Programme ManagerLast update: May 17, 2024
Experience:18 yearsCitizenship:TanzaniaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Sep 22, 2022
Experience:23 yearsCitizenship:RomaniaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: May 17, 2024
Experience:7 yearsCitizenship:CameroonEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Apr 12, 2024
Experience:43 yearsCitizenship:GermanyEd. Degree:Bachelors
Steering committee member and focal point, Deputy Project ManagerLast update: May 21, 2024
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:North MacedoniaEd. Degree:Masters
Project Officer, Project Coordinator, ResearcherLast update: Apr 12, 2024
Experience:10 yearsCitizenship:AlbaniaEd. Degree:Masters
CEO / ConsultantLast update: Jan 22, 2024
Experience:21 yearsCitizenship:CroatiaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: May 21, 2024
Experience:13 yearsCitizenship:NetherlandsEd. Degree:MBA
Programme ManagerLast update: Apr 12, 2024
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:KosovoEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: May 21, 2024
Experience:42 yearsCitizenship:USAEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Nov 22, 2023
Experience:22 yearsCitizenship:UKEd. Degree:Bachelors
Last update: Apr 19, 2024
Experience:17 yearsCitizenship:KosovoEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Apr 19, 2024
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:AlbaniaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: 5 days ago
Experience:30 yearsCitizenship:MauritiusEd. Degree:Ph.D
Last update: 5 days ago
Experience:31 yearsCitizenship:MozambiqueEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: 5 days ago
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:KenyaEd. Degree:Bachelors
Last update: Mar 27, 2023
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:CyprusEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Aug 15, 2023
Experience:13 yearsCitizenship:KenyaEd. Degree:Bachelors
Executive Director/Business Development Consultant and TrainerLast update: Aug 15, 2023
Experience:28 yearsCitizenship:GhanaEd. Degree:Ph.D
Last update: Aug 15, 2023
Experience:20 yearsCitizenship:Dem. Rep. CongoEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: May 21, 2024
Experience:22 yearsCitizenship:NetherlandsEd. Degree:Masters
Project Manager, Consultant and ProfessorLast update: Feb 15, 2023
Experience:23 yearsCitizenship:SpainEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Aug 15, 2023
Experience:17 yearsCitizenship:KenyaEd. Degree:Masters