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Citizenship: France
Languages: English, French
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 21 years
Sectors: Food Security, Health Food Security, Health
Gender: Female
Address: Lot 46, Rue NG 103, Ngor, Dakar, Senegal
Phone: (221) 33 869 60 91, +254 709 362 000
Cellphone: (+221) 77.740.82.90 Direct Line: +254 709 362 105
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With over 17 years of field and headquarters experience in Nutrition, in a variety of environments and contexts in Africa and Asia, I am committed and adaptable. Confident in my own experience and expertise, while being an eager partner in collaboration with people from all backgrounds from local communities in the field, to international stakeholders and government representatives, I strive to achieve common objectives through teamwork, pragmatism and innovation. Ultimately I judge success not just by quantitative outcomes but also by the strength of working relationships needed to achieve it.