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Citizenship: Italy
Languages: English, French, Italian
Highest Degree: Bachelors
Years of Experience: 31 years
Sectors of experience: Environment & NRM, Food Security, Statistics, Mapping & Cadastre, Information & Communication Technology, Agriculture, Risk Management (incl. insurance) Environment & NRM, Food Security, Statistics, Mapping & Cadastre, Information & Communication Technology, Agriculture, Risk Management (incl. insurance)
Gender: Male
Address: Rapolano Terme (SI), Italy
Phone: +390577724447
Cellphone: +393487415373
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Main qualifications
- GIS, Remote Sensing, Agro-Climate Monitoring and Food Security Expert
- Software Designer & Developer
- Web-GIS Designer & Developer
- LPIS Expert
- LCCS/LCML Expert
- Statistician
- Key Expert, International Consultant, Project Manager

Short biography
Degree in Statistics and Economics from University of Siena, Italy, my broad experience on GIS is focused both on management and technical positions. As project manager I leaded international projects related to LPIS, as senior expert I worked on software development, database management, WEB-GIS applications, image processing, integration of software, plugin development. On the base of my interdisciplinary skills, including a deep knowledge of many developing languages, I was involved in environmental projects (early warning, risk analysis, agro-meteorology monitoring, mapping, data collection), GIS project (quality control, database design, WEB-GIS) and software engineering projects (ontology, land cover classification tools, customized solutions). As statistician I worked on geographical sampling, area frame definition, agricultural statistics, and also on the influences of GIS operation on the results of statistical models.

I work and worked for: ICARDA, ICEM, BFC Consulting, FAO, iMMAP, World Bank, Consorzio ITA (Lucca, Italy), Cooprogetti (Gubbio, Italy), Aquater (Pesaro, Italy). I'm one of the founder of the company TERRA NOVA, software house specialized in GIS, Remote Sensing, Database.

Experience as Software Designer and Developer
Senior software developer in several programming languages, and setup procedure developer. Excellent IT knowledge acquired with a daily use of personal computer for programming in Microsoft Windows environment, for GIS, Web Publishing, Database, Image Processing applications. Known and currently used languages:
- Visual Basic .NET
- JavaScript, HTML, ASP, PHP
- XML and XML Schema (XSD)
- Java
- Python
- R language
Other specific languages and libraries:
- Google Earth Engine, OpenLayers, GeoServer, MapServer
- GDAL/OGR and GDAL CSharp Binding
- ESRI ArcObjects, Avenue, AML, TERRANOVA TNL
Knowledge of some of the most popular DBMS and of their spatial functionalities:
- PostgreSQL / PostGIS
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft Access
Knowledge of most used standard requirements related to GIS, database and metadata
Main designer and developer of:
- RAT Risk Analysis Tools, a suite of products to manage multi-temporal satellite data for local anomalies monitoring, early warning support system, environmental analysis, land suitability based knowledge.
- MapGeoTools, a GIS/RS application dedicated to thematic photo-interpretation, automatic segmentation and change assessment, embedding also a full support of the classification system LCCS (version 3 and 2) and it is compliant with the standard ISO 19144-2:2012 Geographic information - Classification systems -- Part 2: Land Cover Meta Language (LCML).
- MaDCAT Mapping Device and Change Analysis Tool, a set of GIS and Remote Sensing tools to create land cover database, to code them with LCCS and to make change assessment analysis
- GeoVIS Geographical Vector Interpretation System, a multi-purpose tool to photo-interpretation of satellite imagery
- MAP Mapping Assessment Program, a software to statistically evaluate mapping accuracy of geographical database

- LCCS Land Cover Classification System version 2 and 3, to create land cover classification schema
- LCCS3lib, a .NET/VC++ compliant library to integrate LCML/LCCS3 rules into software applications
- LCCS3 Basic Coder QGis Plugin, a python QGis plugin to allow the quick coding of geographical features based on LCCS3 legend
- LCCS3tools, a .NET application to export LCCS3 legends or single classes to XSD format, and to save a graphical representation of each class or of the whole legend as bitmap

- ADG3 ArcGIS AddIn, an ArcGIS extension developed in VB .NET to integrate the analysis functionalities of ADG3 application (Advanced Database Gateway)
Co-designer and developer of:
- ShArc, a complete topological GIS with editing, geo-referencing and conversion functionalities
- RaDEx, an image web server
- GeoWeb, a server application to publish maps
- VeDEx, a software interface to geo-databases
- ThreeX, a family of tools to build, customize and fly-thru 3D geographical models
- CataDig, TN-Edit AV, TN-Coord, TN-Dupla, GisBOX, GeoPlayer, etc.

Experience as GIS Expert
Full mastery and daily application of GIS concepts, technologies, tools to manage, process, analyse spatial data. Some specific skills:
- Quality control expert in GIS projects (LPIS in Turkey, cadastre vector data homogenization, geo-referencing of raster data)
- Geographical database management in several projects
- WEB-GIS with publishing and editing functionalities for LDP GIS, RDM Progetti, Agrhymet in Niger, GIS-ITA Antartide Project of ENEA, several Italian local authorities (ARTEA Regione Toscana, Regione Marche, Province di Ravenna, Modena, Lucca), ANAS, FIERS Project
Knowledge of many GIS software:
- TERRA NOVA ShArc, RaDEx, VeDEx, GeoWeb
- QGis

Experience as Remote Sensing, Agro-Metorological Monitoring and Food Security Expert
Development of customized solution to process historical remote sensing data:
- Design and development of analysis tools to use satellite data and gauge-based climate data to identify homogeneous areas respect agro-meteorological characteristics
- Design and development of a monitoring tool to manage and process historical satellite data (EVI-MODIS) and CPC global gauge-based climate data to highlight stressed area for food security
- Data analysis and coordination of development activities for the collection of open remote sensing data, geographical data and external open tools

Experience as LCCS/LCML Expert
Wide experience as developer of several applications compliant with the standard ISO 19144-2:2012, the LCML (Land Cover Meta Language) for the LCCS (Land Cover Classification System): development of all related applications since version LCCS2 up to the most recent LCCS3.

Experience as Key Expert in International Projects
Key expert or short term expert in many international projects:
- Remote sensing expert and system integrator for the project Strengthening Climate and Disaster Resilience of Myanmar Communities: installation of the system tools, training and support the national team for agro meteorological monitoring and early warning
- Analyst, agro-meteorological expert linked to agricultural insurance programs in AgroInsurance in Albania: analysis and processing of geographical data, and definition of the Country Risk Profile; and also AIDP (Agriculture Insurance Development Program) Kenya: development of an analytical methodology to identify homogeneous units areas of insurance
- Documenter in CACIP (Central Asia Climate Information Platform) in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan: to produce technical and informative documentation, and to support the design of the platform.
- Internal Quality Control for LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) in Turkey: definition and coordination of the procedures to assess the quality of the parcels photo-interpreted on aerial photos, development of specific software
- Analyst, agro-meteorological expert linked to agricultural insurance programs in AIDP (Agriculture Insurance Development Program) in Kenya: development of an analytical methodology to identify homogeneous units areas of insurance
- Software developer, remote sensing processing, agro-meteorological expert in PITDD (Programme d’Informations Territoriales pour le Development Durable) in Haiti: development of a full early warning and alert system based on satellite imagery
- Web-GIS developer in AMESD (African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development) in Niger

Experience as Statistician
- Analysis and peer review of the most recent methodologies for the evaluation of the impact of the GIS operations aggregation, disaggregation, interpolation and integration on the results of statistical estimation models, with specific focus on Sensitivity Analysis and robust statistics, in the context of the project Global Strategy of FAO
- AGRIT 7, 8, 9, 10 project, Italian Agricultural Statistics, statistical aspects concerning on stratification, sampling and estimation, implementation within ESRI ARC/INFO using AML
- Analysis of multi-criteria optimization methods
- Spatial Interpolation of daily meteorological data (Distance Weighting, Local Weighted Least - Squares and Kriging)
- Analysis of a change detection algorithm
- Analysis of spatial correlation

Experience as Team Leader and Project Manager
Team Leader on international projects founded by the European Union. Project manager in many GIS projects of the company TERRA NOVA srl, related to geographical databases, software development:
- LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) in Turkey
- Cadastral database to support IACS subsidies, “Ambiente Italia 3D”, “CaStoRe Catasti Storici Regionali” (Historical Regional Cadastre), “GIS-ILA-1”, “GIS-ILA-2”, “GIS-ILA-3” Antartide Project