Sophie Kange

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Citizenship: Uganda
Languages: English
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 18 years
Sectors: Civil Society & NGOs, Food Security, Gender, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Poverty Reduction, Conflict, Advocacy Civil Society & NGOs, Food Security, Gender, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Poverty Reduction, Conflict, Advocacy
Address: P.O Box 4636 Kabalagala Uganda
Phone: +256414510272
Cellphone: (Watsup): +256772683398
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  I have a 15 years progressive programme and project management experience in social development activities in dynamic development contexts with International, National and local NGOs, government agencies and private sector.

 My specialization is in capacity building programmes, Organizational development and management, Gender programming, project planning and management and training. I have strong competencies in civil society strengthening including designing and implementing capacity development programmes including training of over 500 for multistakeholders including CSOs staffs and local governments. I have trained CSOs staffs in Accountability mechanisms- QuAM, resource mobilization and women empowerment in leadership, programme design, implementation and monitoring including special projects like the quality education campaign under UWEZO, Learning agenda platform, transforming social protection thinking in Uganda and strengthening child rights advocacy. This included lobby of different government agencies to influence legislation and practice. Change management and strategic leadership including policy development and support to organizational and leadership growth for the 35 district networks and over 80 organizations across the country through coaching and mentoring at local, national and international level. I have offered strategic leadership to the Affinity Group for National Associations within CIVICUS and led the process to develop a new strategic plan 2018- 2025 and new membership policy and I also Co chair the LTA working group. I have also worked with CSOs in lobbying for an enabling environment and respect to civic rights. I have managed research projects within NGO Forum and also managed the organizational project results for the past 5 years. Networking and partnerships: I have been involved in many partnerships with government agencies in areas of advocacy and lobby for critical service delivery for the ordinary citizens, women and children.

 I am well experienced in organization representation and management of relationships with diverse stakeholders( donors, International agencies, community and government bodies), networking partnership building and coordination of multiple stakeholders – at national, regional and international level including representing Africa and chairing the AGNA steering committee, member of the capacity development task team at FORUS International and I sit as the vice chairperson of the Uganda Commission for UNESCO- UNATCOM Board.

 I have excellent experience in guiding, supervising, coordinating highly professional multidisciplinary teams and spearheading staff training and development and strong communication and excellent interpersonal skills with senior government officials, donors’ international organizations, NGOs, corporate bodies and communities.

 I have gained experience in strengthening systems of internal control, financial management and compliance with donor requirements and strong budget management competencies, having managed a number of multiyear project budgets from DGF, UNICEF, ICCO, UNDP, Ford foundation. I am computer literate and proficient in Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint and data analysis.