Jules Sikwaya

Jules Sikwaya Member

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Citizenship: Dem. Rep. Congo
Languages: English, French, Swahili
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 15 years
Sectors: Rural Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Logistics, Statistics, Programme & Resource Management, Agriculture Rural Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Logistics, Statistics, Programme & Resource Management, Agriculture
Gender: Male
Address: 204, avenue Buta, Quartier LOKOLE, Commune de Ling
Phone: +243814525552
Cellphone: +243842030324
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National Planning and M&E Coordinator.

Planning and M&E: Strategic planning and institutional evaluation, monitoring and evaluation for development results; Planning for results: practical applications; Planning, monitoring and evaluation; Monitoring for results; Evaluation for results; Implementing and managing an evaluation; Quality assurance of design and methodology 

Project Management: Establishment and use of project planning and monitoring-evaluation with activity chronogram, operational monitoring, monitoring of results indicators, budget monitoring and cash flow forecasting, participation in various donor reports.

Institutional Partnership Development: Institutional partnership development and strategic initiatives. Institutional partnership in collaboration and interaction with other departments. Partnership Development

Child Protection: Alternative Care (SOS Family Care, Youth Care, Foster Care, Small Group Home, and Other Alternative Care), Family Strengthening, Education (Early Childhood Development and Care, Primary and Secondary Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship Training, Training in Care), Health (Medical Care and Health Promotion and Prevention), Emergency Response and Other Child Protection Activities.

WASH: Follow-up of projects concerning the design, construction, and operation of drinking water networks (supply and distribution), latrines, and outdoor showers with effluent recovery, springs, wells, catchments, sand, and carbon filtration systems, water treatment. 

Various ancillary activities: transfer of infrastructure to a third party, analyses (physicochemical and biological) of water, field surveys, rapid and technical diagnostics, ante and post project evaluation. 

EFSL: Food crops, market gardening, seed production techniques, and general zootechnics.

EMERGENCY: Security management; Incident management, designing and coordinating a contingency plan; Technical emergency needs assessments; Field logistics; Emergency data consolidation and analysis; Emergency mapping; Emergency preparedness, monitoring, and early response; Emergency Mapping Market Analysis, Monitoring, and evaluation; Optimising the use of monitoring and evaluation information;

LOGISTICS: Monitoring of the proper maintenance and management of project stocks and the conditions of use of logistical equipment, Procurement management: from order to delivery, Transport/freight management, Management of the vehicle fleet, and Organisation of the distribution of tools and seeds.

Partnership: Working in partnership with institutions at national and local levels, Congolese and foreign (administrations, institutions, associations), and international (United Nations, NGOs, clusters). 

Capacity building: Training and monitoring of community-based organizations by beneficiaries (actor-bridges) with methodology. 

On a personal level: adaptability, negotiation skills, emergency management, respect for deadlines and curiosity, diplomat, autonomous, committed, leadership, coach