Billah Md Masum
Billah Md Masum Head of Innovation in Education, ICT and MEAL
Last update: May 9, 2024
Billah Md Masum Head of Innovation in Education, ICT and MEAL
Last update: May 9, 2024
Bengali, Bangla, English
Highest Degree:
23 years
Bangladesh, Benin, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, UK
Education, Social Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Information & Communication Technology, Programme & Resource Management
House 40, Road 3B, Mohammadi Housing Limited, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
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A Bangladeshi multidisciplinary international development professional with 23 years' experience, in EdTech, Project Management, Knowledge Management, M&E, ICT4D, ICT solution Development, Disaster Management, MIS, GIS and Resource Mobilisation. Billah is offering his skills for potential full time, short term or long term opportunities. At present working as an EMIS consultant of Human Dynamics, Knowledge management, capacity building and coordination for the SHARE project (supporting the hardest-to-reach through basic education), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


During his professional involvements in Asian, African and European countries, particularly in Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Uganda, Sri Lanka, India and Benin Billah worked with several renowned organisations like BRAC, Bangladesh; ILO, Bangladesh; Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh; Hyman Dynamics, Austria; IDS, University of Sussex, UK; Development Research Network, Bangladesh; IDRC, Canada; and Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh for interventions funded by USDOL, UKaid, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canada, UNDP, CIDA, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, European Union and ADB.


Billah possess diverse experience which includes both programmatic and management team leadership. He has experience of overseeing both very large and more modest scale projects and have a track record in creating and mentoring both quite small and large teams. He is capable to plan, initiate and implement projects/programme following institutional priorities and strategies. Billah has the ability to quickly develop the necessary specific knowledge and competences. Using his participatory approach and experience, he is capable to manage project teams and design relevant new working strategies which are relevant to the local and national context and will create the necessary changes. Billah has in-depth conceptual and pragmatic knowledge of local development, poverty reduction, and social security. He possesses excellent skills to integrate international best practices in locally adapted development programs and policies. Billah is specialised in working with extremely poor and most excluded populations. 


Billah possesses a high degree of professional and personal integrity; ability to relate to and create trust among co-workers, staff, and different stakeholders; well acquainted with the challenges of working in a resource-constrained, and in very remote and isolated areas with marginalised and vulnerable communities; highly adaptable, flexible and culturally sensitive attitude.