Maurice Nzogu
Maurice Nzogu MD, MPH, MSc, AdPgD TMSI, PhD(c)
Last update: 7 days ago
Maurice Nzogu MD, MPH, MSc, AdPgD TMSI, PhD(c)
Last update: 7 days ago
Dem. Rep. Congo
English, French, Swahili
Highest Degree:
16 years
Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Dem. Rep. Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Switzerland
Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Training, Water & Sanitation, Programme & Resource Management
Kajaga, Bujumbura, Burundi
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·       Relevant academic background – Doctor of Medicine, Master of Business Administration in Health policies design and management (Public health), as well as master’s degrees in International cooperation and humanitarian aid and Tropical medicine, surveillance and Immunization. I’m pending PhD in Public Health.

·       An excellence-oriented professional dedicated to driving impactful change in public health sector, with more than 14 years of experience in the fields of primary health care, community-based health programs and clinical in low- and middle-income countries.

·       More than 12 years of providing subject matter expertise on Communicable diseases, Global Health Security, Nutrition, Environmental health, and Sexual and Reproductive health.

·       Successfully served in senior leadership positions, ensuring optimal functioning operations, as Program Director and Coordinator, Field Coordinator or Regional project Coordinator, Advisor at HQ level.

·       Passionate about emergency and disaster interventions (preparedness, readiness, and response), with proven expertise in leading and coordinating extensive Ebola and Marburg outbreak responses efforts.

·       Experience providing valuable technical expertise and support to various stakeholders and partners and counterpart governments.

·       Valuable experience in clinical trial in emergencies and conducting global review of publications.

·       Provided remote and in-country support technical assistance to build thecapacity of partners and MoHs to deliver results in line with approved technical strategy. Experience managing and coordinating the development of multidisciplinary projects funded by several donors including USAID, FFP, DFID, BHA-OFDA, PEPFAR, ECHO, CDC, World Bank, Global Funds, Melinda and Bill Gates and other private donors.

·       More than 10 years directly engaging with various donors at country and global level, with extensive experience participating in Technical Working Groups convened by WHO, donors and counterpart MoHs.

·       Experience in data-capturing tools, abstracting data, analyzing the evidence and use it to develop and implement targeted intervention and research.

·       Developed annual workplan and budgets, supervised project managers to track activity progress, and maintained written and verbal communication with donors and partners.

·       Contributed to business development by writing or reviewing proposals and led the successful development and submission bids for several donors

·       Demonstrated success in capacity-building and skill development, designing courses, guidelines, training tools and conducting training for various audiences.

·       Exceptionnal communication and influencing skills. Persuasive and polished negotiator with excellent interpersonal and multicultural communication skills.

·       Excellent time management skills and ability to communicate clearly ideas and expectations to diverse audiences including very high-level assemblies.

·       Results-oriented with a proven ability to work independently, proactive, and adaptable in the face of changing priorities.  Able to work under pressure and complex environment.

·       Full computer literacy, including MS Office some statistical software.

·       I’m bilingual speaking French and English, with French. I can speak fluently Swahili and Lingala, and I am intermediate in Kirundi and Kinyarwanda.


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