Paula King

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Citizenship: Brazil
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 16 years
Sectors: Education, Social Development, Youth Education, Social Development, Youth
Gender: Female
Address: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 5571-3767
Cellphone: +55 11 98193-5642
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  • Founder of TUIU, a Creative Education initiative for children, São Paulo, Brazil;
  • Social Innovation Management expert certified by The Amani Institute, in Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Communications expert (Master’s degree), São Paulo, Brazil;
  • Bachelor's degree in Journalism at Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil;
  • Strong experience in non­governmental organizations in Brazil and abroad;
  • Knowledge of languages: Portuguese (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Advanced)

Major achievements:

  • In 2017, started TUIU, a bilingual creative education initiative that focuses on the child's cognitive and social emotional development;
  • Recently, became a member of Nelis (Next Leadership Sustainability Initiative), based in  Japan and was invited twice to present a panel on Education in Kyoto (2017) and Tokyo (2018);
  • Experienced educator and facilitator at Swarovski Foundation's WaterSchools project in the Amazon forest;
  • In Nairobi, worked with FCA Finn Church Aid, a humanitarian NGO, as an international intern giving support to the Education in Emergencies team as a Communications Consultant;
  • Managed several Local Development actions at a public school located inside the Sustainable Development Reserve of Juma, in the Amazon forest;
  • Conducted educational and social inclusion activities with youth in traditional communities in the Amazon forest;
  • Coordinated educational projects in Brazil, Norway, Italy, Egypt and Indonesia;
  • Attended multiple academic forums and technical working groups, in Brazil and in Kenya, to discuss topics such as Public Policy, Local Development, Climate Change, Innovation, Education in Emergencies and Advocacy. 

Social Sector Experience

  • For 13 years, coordinated several educational projects in Brazil, Norway, Italy, Egypt and Indonesia;
  • Visited the Tumbira community at a sustainable reserve in the Amazon forest, in Brazil;
  • Conducted educational and social inclusion activities with youth living in traditional Communities;
  • Attended Fundraising and Branding Workshops in Philadelphia, USA, in 2014.