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Citizenship: Jordan
Languages: Arabic
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 22 years
Sectors: Labour Market & Employment, Trade, Justice Reform, Law, Public Administration Labour Market & Employment, Trade, Justice Reform, Law, Public Administration
Gender: Female
Address: Amman - Jordan
Cellphone: +962-777782728795574442
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Highly skilled and experienced lawyer and consultant with over 15 years of national and international experience. Practicing Lawyer holds a LLB (J.D.) from Jordan and an LLM from the UK. Currently working as Legal Advisor and Policy Reform Specialist for USG funded project in Jordan, work incudes legislative and policy reforms, donor coordination as well as working with business association on implementation of grants under the project. Prior positions include working for the Government of Jordan on EU funded projects. Regional experience in Palestine (ASI project), Yemen (UNCTD), Euro-Mediterranean partnership (GoJ). As advisor to the Energy Charter Secretariat worked with the MENA region on building awareness about the Energy Charter Treaty. International experience working as a paid intern with the WTO in Geneva and European Commission in Brussels. In addition to representing Jordan in technical negations. Experience working in civil society and in securing and implementing donor funded projects to support reforms and capacity building in the national legislative framework. John Smith Rule of Law Fellow. Founder and President of the Jordan Better Workplace Association, managing a team of 17 professionals (2013- to date) ( Also served as Chair of the Jordan Culture association for Development Law (2010-2012) ( ) the IDLO Alumni Association in Jordan. The knowledge and skills gained from a diverse experience working in multicultural teams, allows for a unique understanding on how to best navigate the legal and policy landscapes to meet client objectives. With a proven record of successful delivering in complex legal issues, a high litigation success rate and dispute resolution.