Robert De Groof
Robert De Groof
Last update: Sep 18, 2023
Robert De Groof
Last update: Sep 18, 2023
Dutch, English, French, German, Romanian, Russian
Highest Degree:
39 years
Culture, Education, Monitoring & Evaluation
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Associated Awards

There are no awards associated to this expert.

a) Demonstrated leadership in designing research and learning agendas and motivate people in an organization. 

b) Innovative, analytical, curious, proactive and solutions oriented;

c) Versatility in all aspects of the research and evaluation process: identify research questions, develop rigorous evaluation methodology, draft requests for proposals and terms of reference; manage procurement processes, manage external consultants to conduct rigorous evaluation work with identified deliverables; incorporate learnings across the organization and share widely with external audiences. 

d) Experience in a wide range of specific research and evaluation methodologies;

e) An evident understanding of and sensitivity to issues associated with poverty and knowledge of the context in which non-profit organizations operate; 

f) Ability to work cross-departmentally to gather data and information for best use of research and evaluation resources and tools keeping diverse audiences in mind; 

g) Excellent organizational skills, including strong attention to detail; 

h) Proven experience in building the capacity of staff to document and share organiza- tional information; 

i) Proficient knowledge of collaboration systems and tools, word processing, spread- sheets, presentation tools, electronic mail (Microsoft Office preferred) and Internet.

j) Ability to work in a team.

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands: 

a) Demonstrated leadership in managing complex projects. (Five times Team Leader)

b) Ability to understand, appreciate and drive the project in a positive way.

c) Demonstrated creativity, ability to think systematically, willingness and ability to in- corporate innovative solutions to work effectively; 

d) Ability to disseminate knowledge by writing clearly, cohesively to document and sell approach and tools to internal and external audiences; 

e) Ability to create Scopes of Work and manage people to assist with documentation of lessons learned, approaches used with best practices integrating data and learning agendas; 

f) Proven ability to work as a team and inspire staff to embrace and engage with knowl- edge documentation and sharing across the organization;

g) Excellent physical condition. Worked in insecure countries ( Iraq, Afghanistan,Kurdis- tan)

i) Ability to manage and execute multiple tasks with little supervision