United States Department of State (USA)

PDS - Annual Program Statement 2023

Last update: Mar 28, 2023 Last update: Mar 28, 2023


Contracting Authority Type:Government / Public Sector
Budget: USD 50,000
Award ceiling: USD 25,000
Award floor: USD 5,000
Sector:Education, Environment & NRM, Gender, Social Development, Human Rights, Security, Media and Communications, Information & Communication Technology, SME & Private Sector, Advocacy
Eligible applicants:NGOs / Nonprofit Organisations, Government / Public Bodies, Academic Institutions, Individuals
Eligible nationalities:IndiaIndia
Date posted: Feb 22, 2023

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General InformationDocument Type: Grants NoticeFunding Opportunity Number: C-APS-23-001Funding Opportunity Title: PDS - Annual Program Statement 2023Opportunity Category: DiscretionaryOpportunity Category Explanation: Funding Instrument Type: GrantCategor
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