Security of supply in rural areas – energy self-sufficient farms

Last update: Jun 7, 2024 Last update: Jun 7, 2024


Funding agency:
Contracting Authority Type:Government / Public Sector
Budget: EUR 100,000,000
Award ceiling: EUR 250,000
Award floor: N/A
Sector:Energy, Environment & NRM, Electrical Engineering, Agriculture
Languages:English, German
Eligible applicants:Private Sector (managers of an agricultural or forestry business with submission Application – Module combined BEFORE implementation Application – emergency power implementation YES BEFORE YES Module C TOTAL ENERGY CONCEPT Overall energy concept INDIVIDUAL MEASURE Point 7 AFTER implementation LFBIS company number must be provided)
Eligible nationalities:AustriaAustria
Date posted: Feb 15, 2023

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Security of supply in rural areas – energy self-sufficient farmsThe climate and energy fund was commissioned by the BMK, with the total of 100 million euros. To achieve the increase in security of supply in the agricultural and forestry sectors by 2025 un
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