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2007Founded in
500 000international aid stakeholders
About Us
DevelopmentAid is the world’s premier information service provider for international development aid and economic and humanitarian assistance stakeholders.

Our mission is to provide up-to-date and critically relevant information for donors, agencies, consultancies, non-government agencies, and individuals working in the international development sector.
DevelopmentAid building
Our brief history
DevelopmentAid is founded by Luc Vocks 2007
Corporate Sales Department is formed 2010
Experts Sales Department is created 2011
Organization Awards is launched 2012
Sanctioned firms and Individuals database comes online 2014
DevelopmentAid hires its 100th employee 2015
Stakeholder companies database surpasses 1000 entries 2017
NewsRoom division is created 2018
The Tenderwell project management app is launched 2019
Added webinars with development aid experts 2020
Largest network of funding and implementing agencies is formed 2021
DevelopmentAid hires 250 employees 2022
Opening a new office in Georgia Present
Our power is in our people
At DevelopmentAid, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards. We are proud to have assembled a diverse team of talented individuals to better serve our customers and stakeholders in the international development sector.
Our values
The values that we live by every single day include:
01Customers Come First We are constantly working to improve our products and services for the people who matter most - our customers and partners.
02Raise the Bar Whether it is designing apps to help donors track and maintain their projects or creating tools to help agencies and companies match with qualified candidates, we never stop looking for new ways to benefit our customers and partners.
03Think Big We simply do not believe in resting on our laurels. That is why we are ceaselessly working to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to develop the next generation of products and services.
04Be Open-Minded Diversity is more than a slogan for us. It is our way of ensuring that we get pushed out of our comfort zones to better connect with and understand our customers and partners.
05Never Stop Learning We believe that setbacks and mistakes are valuable components of the learning process. Analyzing where we have been and what we have learned along the way is part of our continuing mission to deliver a world-class experience for our customers and partners.
We are proud of
DevelopmentAid is one of the few companies in the world that contributes to the achievement of ALL SDGs
Successful achievement of ISO certification and the establishment of an improved Quality Management System. As of April 2021, the company’s QMS is compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015.
The Digital Principles for Development are incorporated in our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities
Our company, which started out as a modest project in the founder’s spare room, has now grown to over 200 employees working in a modern, state-of-the art office building. And we simply could not have achieved that hard-won success without the stewardship of our leadership team.

Each day, our senior staff lead by example with their relentless dedication to improving our services and products for our customers, serving as true role models for every team member.
Founder and CEO
Luc Vocks
Founder and CEO
Sergiu Cașu
Sergiu Cașu
Director of Corporate Sales Department
Irina Bondarenco
Irina Bondarenco
Director of Career Center
Mariana Uzun
Mariana Uzun
Head of Strategic Partnerships and Donor Relations
Valentina Rusnac
Valentina Rusnac
Director of Marketing Department
Andrian Moraresco
Andrian Moraresco
Director of IT Department
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