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Carbon market Consultancy

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Last update: May 20, 2022 Last update: May 20, 2022


Deadline: Jun 9, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Netherlands Netherlands
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
Work experience: Min 8 years
Date posted:May 20, 2022
Expected starting date:As soon as possible


Company Description

Stichting SNV Nederlandse Ontwikkelings Organisatie, (hereinafter referred to as “SNV Netherlands Development Organisation” or “SNV”) is a not-for-profit international development organisation, that applies practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty. SNV is established as a Foundation (Stichting) in The Netherlands. We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our expertise in agriculture, energy and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to local contexts. SNV has over 1,300 staff in more than 25 countries in The Netherlands, Asia, Africa and Latin America. SNV depends 100% on project finance. This requires us to work efficiently and to deliver impact at scale. Annual turnover is around €130M-€140M.

Job Description

The objective of the assignment

SNV is keen to explore the potential of carbon finance programming to augment its current portfolio of projects. This consultancy assignment will support an internal working group globally by providing expert analysis and advice to support the development of SNV Carbon Markets.

Expected outputs of this consultancy

This assignment will provide a background of market context and strategic advice to SNV members to help SNV staff understand the following mainstreams:

1.   The latest policy and institutional frameworks, upcoming developments, and trends that shape the carbon markets. How SNV can fit in among countries.

2.   Carbon market’s structure, where within it, SNV could work.

3.   Potential operations and financial arrangements that are feasible for SNV and for its project management structure.

CLICK HERE Term of reference (TOR) document for a complete description of specific concerns in each main output above and the tentative timeframe and activities for this assignment.

Delivery of this consultancy:

A final report which addresses all the outputs mentioned in the TOR document. 


  •        Master's degree in one or more of the following disciplines in Environment, Agriculture, Economics, Finance, or any other relevant to carbon markets field.
  •        Progressive and responsible professional experience in the carbon market field for about eight years.
  •        Languages: Excellent command of spoken and written English

Additional Information

The consultancy contract for this assignment will be awarded to the applicant who is judged to be the best on a technically and financially acceptable basis and whose qualifications meet the eligibility conditions. Criteria selection of the consultant is described in the TOR document.

Questions Arising of this Assignment

For questions whose answers were not found on the TOR document description, or this announcement should be directed to the SNV Global Contracting & Procurement Team,, no later than the day detailed below.

Deadline for submission of CVs and Cover Letters (optional/appreciable): 23:59 CET Wednesday 09 June 2022

Data Protection

It is understood and agreed that the data on prospective applicants will be used by SNV in determining, according to its sole judgment and discretion, the qualifications of prospective applicants to perform in respect to the call for consultants to submit their CVs described by the client (SNV). It will be kept secure in line with SNV’s commitment to EU GDPR 2018, and only used for programming purposes. It will be destroyed after seven (7) years in line with data requirements

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