International Team Leader (Highway Engineer)

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Last update: Jul 12, 2022 Last update: Jul 12, 2022


Deadline: Jul 30, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Cambodia Cambodia
Sectors: Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
English English
Work experience: From 20 years
Date posted: Jun 30, 2022


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International Team Leader (Highway Engineer)


As the engineer’s representative, the consultant’s International Team Leader will implement the civil work contracts and ensure that the works are constructed in accordance with its provisions. The consultant will have all the powers defined in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract as the engineer, with the exception of the following, which will be retained and exercised by the employer, generally on the advice of the engineer:

  • issuing the order to commence the works;
  • approving variation orders that have financial implications;
  • approving significant variations in quantities;
  • approving subletting of any part of the works; and
  • approving extensions of time

The consultant will assist PMU3 in:

  •  assessing the exposure of unexploded ordnance (UXO) on project roads before any works start;
  • approving the contractor’s work program, method statements, material sources, etc.;
  • approving and/or issuing working drawings, approving the setting out of the works, and instructing the contractor;
  • taking measurements and keeping measurement records;
  • certifying work volume and recommending interim certificates for progress payments;
  • preparing withdrawal applications for submission to ADB and/or Government;
  • certifying the standard reporting table for compliance with the service level standard as defined in the PBMC contract specifications.
  • processing the contractor’s possible claims;
  • monitoring the impact of construction works on the environment and local settlements and providing information to MPWT staff in contract administration; and
  • implementing resettlement plan, gender action plan (GAP), and HIV program.

The International Team Leader, through the effective leadership of the team of international specialists and national specialists and effective communication with the PMU3, will be responsible for the successful implementation of the Project and undertake the following to achieve the objectives of the Project:

  • ensure timely completion of civil works and closure of contracts in accordance with the contract provisions;
  • ensure the implementation of the project output as planned;
  • ensure timely completion of performance monitoring and evaluation at project inception, midterm review, and project completion;
  • ensure that the Project is implemented consistent with the provisions of the environmental management plan (EMP); and
  • ensure on-the-job training is provided to MPWT staff in the administration of various contracts.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

The International team leader shall be an internationally-qualified highway engineer with a minimum of 20 years of experience as the team leader in leading road rehabilitation projects. He or she needs extensive work experience in Cambodia or countries with similar geographical areas in the region. The team leader has to be fully aware of the requirements and responsibilities of an ADB-supported Project. The Team Leader will permanently work for the 24 months during construction and intermittently during the 36 months maintenance period (6 trips).