Policy Dialogue and Public Diplomacy/ International Relations Expert in Australia and New Zealand

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Last update: Jul 7, 2022 Last update: Jul 7, 2022


Deadline: Jul 11, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Australia, New Zealand Australia, New Zealand
Sectors: Public Administration Public Administration
Job type: Contract, 4 to 12 months
English English
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: Jul 6, 2022
Expected starting date: Sep 12, 2022


The indicative starting period for this contract is 12 September 2022.

The foreseen duration of this action is 24 months.

Normal places of posting of this specific assignment are Australia and New Zealand.

Missions outside the normal place of posting: depending on the nature of the output, some activities may be home-based, or exceptionally take place in the EU or in third countries, ifconsidered in the interest of the project, duly justified by the contractor, and pre-approved by
the Contracting Authority.

Lead Experts/ Resident Coordinators in Australia and New Zealand
For each target country, a Lead Expert (two in total) will have the overall responsibility for the coordination and management of the team carrying out the assignment as described in these ToR, meeting deadlines, ensuring quality, consistency, and respect the agreed templates and appropriate content of the outputs. Each Lead Expert is expected to be in close and regular contact with the respective Delegation of the EU to Australia and Delegation of the EU to New Zealand to receive and provide adequate guidance on the areas to address in each activity during the duration of the contract.

Qualifications and skills

  • Education at the level of Masters’ Degree in a field related to the assignment (political science, economics, law, trade, etc.);
  • In the absence of a Masters’ Degree: at least a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum 5 years of professional experience in a related sector, in addition to the minimum number of 10 years of general professional experience.

Specific professional experience

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in a senior position on international relations, particularly related to the EU and/or Australia and New Zealand, (e.g.: political, cultural, economic, legal, and/or business analysis);
  • At least 5 years of working experience in project, people, and resource management in an international context;
  • For New Zealand, awareness of Māori language and culture is an asset.

Sectorial expertise – Media, communication and public diplomacy

For the realization of policy dialogue activities, the contractor will assign the most relevant experts (team of experts) to support the Delegations of the EU to Australia and to New Zealand. Sectorial expertise will be required to design, implement, draft specific policy dialogue support activities, sector studies, analyses, reports, and updates. It will be up to framework contractors to propose and duly justify in their offers, notably in the Methodology, a more precise breakdown of person/days between the experts. Sectorial expertise will be needed to create and disseminate the best quality public diplomacy activities, as well as to conduct media outreach/relations.

Language skills of the team:

Fluent in English.
For New Zealand, knowledge of Te reo Māori is an asset.

Other Qualifications:

  • Strong analytical capabilities and extensive knowledge of public diplomacy in practice;
  • Strong analytical capabilities and knowledge of how international policy dialogues are conducted, with in-depth knowledge in relevant policy areas that are of importance to the EU’s external actions;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • All experts must have Proficiency in English language (C1 level) and in particular excellent reporting skills in English;
  • For the organization of the events in Australia and New Zealand (webinars, hybrid events, fairs, seminars, etc.) The contractor must work locally or through local partners to ensure the local knowledge and hands on approach to the organisation of the events, and to provide on time solutions to any unforeseen difficulty.

* Civil servant and other staff of the public administration of Australia and New Zealand, regardless of their administrative situation, shall not be recruited as experts.

Applications and updated CV should be submitted to n.remizova@developmentaid.org, under the title: DRS ref. number 11311. Due to the high number of applications received via DevelopmentAid website, we can reply to shortlisted candidates only. Please note that the above requirements can be modified during the recruitment process according to client's procedures.