Senior Health IT Developer

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Last update: 8 days ago Last update: Aug 5, 2022


Deadline: Aug 15, 2022
Location: Asia Asia
Sectors: Health, Information & Communication Technology Health, Information & Communication Technology
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
English English
Work experience: From 12 years
Date posted: Aug 5, 2022
Expected starting date: Aug 20, 2022


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The consultant is expected to have a master’s degree of computer sciences or related field. The consultant should have at least 12 years of experience in the design and development of health IT system and software, especially emergency medical service related IT software. Preferably with 8 years of experience of working with governments, international organizations or international development agencies in designing and developing IT software in the health sector. Experience of at least three end to end web software development, implementation and operation is required. The consultant will:
• Design and develop the digital EMS information system software for the EMS call center which will (i) automatically locate the patient and match them with the nearest ambulance; (ii) dispatch the paramedic team as and when needed; and (iii) provide medical advice that can be taken until paramedics arrive;
• Improve the interoperability between the EMS information system and other relevant health information systems to ensure the seamless patient information sharing and referral services;
• Test, pilot and upgrade the EMS information system as per the government’s request,
• Assess and specify the detailed requirement of IT hardware for the operation of the EMS information system and the automation of the call center;

• Lead the procurement of IT hardware for the operation of the EMS information system and the automation of the call center; and
• Design and conduct user trainings of the EMS information system to EMS call center staffs, emergency medical technicians, health care workers and other related stakeholders