Senior Hydraulics Engineer

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Last update: 4 days ago Last update: Sep 26, 2022


Deadline: Oct 1, 2022
Location: Angola Angola
Sectors: Water & Sanitation Water & Sanitation
Job type: Contract, 4 to 12 months
English English
Work experience: From 15 years
Date posted: Sep 22, 2022
Expected starting date: Nov 1, 2022


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Our company, the Compagnie d'Aménagement des Coteaux de Gascogne – CACG - is looking for a hydraulic engineer for a project management assistance mission. Here are the job details:

Country : Angola, Kuito city


Our Client intends to hire a firm to provide consultancy services for Design Checking (i.e. reviewing designs and specifications) of “Water Supply Network and Household Connections in the City of Cuito – Phase 2”. You will be our

You will be our on-site representative in Kuito for a period of 8 months, only during the design phase.


The works to be executed by the contractor consist of design and construction of a new water

supply network and household connections in the city of Cuíto.

The job that you will have to provide, include  analysis  of the  city  of  Cuíto´s  existing  water  distribution system  &  establishment  of  pressures  zones  and  hydraulic  modelling,  engineering  detailed design and construction of water distribution network in unserved areas of the city of Cuíto

The detailed design of 50 kilometers of network, developed among mostly the south areas of

the  city  and  5,000  household  connections  serving  mostly  peri-urban  areas,  followed  by

construction works.


Your mission :

Engineering Design Checking 

  1. Analysis of the Existing Water Distribution System and Establishment of Pressures Zones: You will be responsible for the review and approval of the Contractor’s Analysis of the Existing Water Distribution System and Establishment of Pressures Zones.
  2. Hydraulic Modelling and Engineering Design of the Network to be Constructed. You will be responsible for the review and approval of the Contractor’s design, drawings  and  other  proposals  for  the  works,  including  environmental safeguards instruments (ESMP and HSP).

You will monitor the Contractor’s design progress in accordance with the  Contractual  Program  and  will  arrange,  chair  and  write  minutes  of  regular progress meetings.


Environmental  and  Social  Management

You will be involved  in  all  design  phases  of  the  project  by  working closely with the Contractor. You will review :

  • The Environmental and  Social  Management  Plan  – ESMP, Health and Safety Plan (HSP),
  • The social baseline data, Stakeholder Engagement, Plan (SEP), &  Social  Assessment  Report  (SAR)

You will create local committees to implement the GRM, organize and facilitate  trainings  of  the  local  focal  points  and  socialize  the  GRM  to  local stakeholders and beneficiaries during the design phase


The candidate for this position must be a qualified senior engineer and should demonstrate sound proven experience in water supply networks design:

  1. a) BSc degree in Civil/Hydraulic/Sanitary/Environmental engineering with MSc or post-graduate degree in Hydraulics/Sanitary engineering;
  2. b) At least ten years post qualification working experience, of which at least five similar projects in the past ten years.
  3. c) Should have strong computer skills.
  4. d) Work experience  in  the  Sub-Saharan  African  countries;  working experience in Angola will be a plus.
  5. e) Should possess  good  working  communication  skills  in  English; knowledge of Portuguese and french will be a plus.