Ref 1: Team Leader – Specialist in Irrigation Systems and Rural Hydraulics

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Last update: Jan 19, 2023 Last update: Jan 19, 2023


Deadline: Feb 12, 2023 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Angola Angola
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
Portuguese Portuguese
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: Jan 19, 2023
Expected starting date: May 1, 2023


Ref 1: Team Leader – Specialist in irrigation systems and rural hydraulics.

  • Qualifications: Degree in civil or mechanical engineering, or similar in the field of hydraulics.
  • Languages: Fluent in Portuguese.
  • Experience: 10 years in studies and implementation of agricultural irrigation systems in Angola.
  • Software: Office package.
  • Functions:
    • General coordination of works and relations with officials.
    • Executive management of the project.
  • The position will require continuous presence in Angola.
  • Minimum contract period: 14 months.
  • Valuable:
    • Experience in an internationally funded project environment.
    • Software: GIS tools.
    • Knowledge of English.

Please send CV to the following e-mail:

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