Project Manager/ Team Leader

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Last update: Mar 29, 2023 Last update: Mar 29, 2023


Deadline: Apr 15, 2023 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Bangladesh Bangladesh
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
English English
Work experience: Min 20 years
Date posted: Mar 29, 2023
Expected starting date: Oct 1, 2023


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Project Manager/ Team Leader (Intermittent Input) (International) – 42 Person Months

Minimum Qualifications:

(i)                   Bachelor degree in civil engineering or architect, post graduate degree preferred

(ii)                  Minimum 20 years of professional experience

(iii)                 Minimum 15 years in design and construction of buildings

(iv)                 Minimum 7 years of project team leader experience

The expert will be responsible for the following

·                     Review and confirm detailed designs of the buildings and facilities to be prepared by the selected contractors and make modifications to the detailed designs as necessary;

·                     Supervise the civil works and goods supply and installation;

·                     Monitor compliance with the initial environmental examinations (IEEs) and climate change adaptation works;

·                     Assist BR and BLPA for implementing the social and gender activities;

·                     Provide procurement support for goods;

·                     Measure the project performance indicators after completion of the works and goods installation.

·                     Prepare and submit all deliverable reports (inception, quarterly progress reports linked documents, draft/ final reports etc.);

·                     Ensure the firm’s experts coordinate with relevant stakeholders; and

·                     Other relevant and reasonable tasks, as requested by the client.