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Procurement Specialist

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Last update: May 21, 2024 Last update: May 21, 2024


Deadline: May 24, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Home Based
Organization: ARS Progetti SPA
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
English English
Work experience:Min 10 years
Date posted: May 20, 2024
Expected starting date: Jun 17, 2024


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Procurement Specialist for Moldova Regional Hospitals (2016-0888) and Georgia upgrade of Municipal Infrastructure (2016-0405)

Objectives of the Assignment

The objectives of the Assignment are the following:

  • Support the EIB Project Directorate’s Health and Life Sciences Division (PJ INCO LSH) with specific procurement expertise for the project;
  • Advise the Promoter via the EIB on international good practice of public procurement management, and appropriate procurement structures and processes to facilitate timely and successful contract awards that are compliant with the EIB’s GtP;
  • Provide an expert opinion to the EIB on the content, quality and plausibility of the tender documents, evaluation reports, contract modifications, procurement complaints and other procurement related documents elaborated by the PIUs and their compliance with the provisions of the EIB’s GtP;
  • Monitor the ongoing procurement processes carried out by the Promoters to inform the EIB’s project procurement due diligence.
  • Support the EIB in the discussions with the Promoter for establishing and/or strengthening external procurement support to the PIUs to meet the conditions attached to the Bank’s Finance Contracts and Advisory Agreements, for example by recruiting international agencies or external service providers for procurement support and strengthen procurement capacity of the promoters.
  • Support the EIB with general public procurement policy advice. This support may also be extended to other projects in the regions that have a similar legal framework for public procurement.

Working days: 100

Location: Home based with missions


Mandatory Qualifications

  • University degree or master’s degree in engineering, law economics, finance, business, public administration, project management or other relevant field is required
  • Proficient user (minimum C1 level in Understanding, Speaking and Writing) in English.

Mandatory Experience

Ten (10) years of experience in procurement or contract management.

Preferred Qualifications/Experience

Minimum of four (4) years but preferably ten (10) years specific experience in public procurement in Moldova and/or Georgia (30 points);

• Knowledge of the Moldovan public procurement framework (5 points):

• Knowledge of the Georgian public procurement framework (5 points):

• Minimum two (2) years but preferably ten (10) years of specific experience in public procurement in the field of healthcare infrastructure sector and/or medical equipment (30 points);

• Minimum one (1) year but preferably five (5) years of specific experience with Multilateral Development Banks and International Organizations in delivering the services described in Section 2.2 above (20 points);

• Knowledge of Moldovan and/or Georgian language is an asset (10 points).