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All you need to know to become successful in international development. We provide information on donors and financial institutions, tenders and grants, potential partners, short and long-term opportunities, jobs, news and so much more.

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Business solutions at every stage of the bidding process

Short-Long-term projects
  • Largest Job Board
  • Profile Exposure
  • CV Tailoring
Individual Consultants
  • CV Databases
  • Expert Fee Rates
  • Sanctioned Individuals
Funding Agencies
  • Country Strategy Papers
  • Procurement Guidelines
  • Advertising Tools
Potential Partners
  • Past project Experience
  • Call for partnerships service
  • Competitor’s analysis
Tenders and Grants
  • Procurement of Goods, works and services
  • Market and Landscape Analysis

Whether you are looking for consortia partners or high-quality CVs for your projects or if you are looking for a permanent job position or project – search our database by entering the keyword.


At DevelopmentAid we are familiar with the challenges you encounter in the development sector. Whether you’re searching for funding opportunities, partners and experts or interested in securing a job in the sector, we are ready to provide you with the most innovative business intelligence and career aid tools to assist you at every step of your way.

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Individual Consultant
To be a competitive expert requires to have it all under control. Finding the most relevant opportunities with no delay. Earning prospective employers’ attention. Applying on time for open procurement notices. Whether you are looking to work with consulting companies or directly with donors, DevelopmentAid’s career aid tools will help you improve your search and secure more opportunities at once.
Very smart system, enabling consultants to pro-actively approach shortlisted companies for relevant tenders and pick the winner. I’m really impressed with the service you are providing and pro-activeness in following up and giving me advice. Henrik BjornDevAid member
To be a successful company means to always be on time. Meet deadlines. Have your due diligence done. Sign with the best partners. Employ the most experienced experts. In short, have outstanding performance in the sector. At DevelopmentAid, we value your time, therefore we offer innovative business intelligence tools to help you make better decisions along the biding process.
Our experience with DevelopmentAid so far has been satisfactory - we're mostly using the tender alerts. When a tender is published, I very much appreciate the fact that all available documents are usually attached. Gradian Health SystemsDevAid member
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Funding agencies
The largest and most varied network of funding and implementing agencies consisting of development banks, finance institutions, multilateral and bilateral donors, government bodies, foundations and NGOs. We'll help you to stay up-to-date with donors' strategy plans and enable you to diversify and secure your portfolio of funding sources through loans, tenders and grants.
We had been using the services of Development Aid for quite a few years already. After shopping around, we noticed that DevelopmentAid had the greatest potential in finding the profiles we needed in our searches for international technical assistance. LuxDevDevAid member
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