Introducing DevelopmentAid’s new “Calls for Partnership” feature

BySam Ursu

Introducing DevelopmentAid’s new “Calls for Partnership” feature

DevelopmentAid, the world’s leading provider of information services for individuals, organizations, and institutions working in the field of international development, is proud to announce a brand-new service called Calls for Partnership.

Donor agencies and multilaterals put out tenders or grants for projects that often require a consortium of organizations and experts, but it is up to those who bid on the projects to find and assemble the necessary partnerships to be selected to implement the activity. Our new Calls for Partnership is a matchmaking service that makes this process so much more simple, bringing together individuals and organizations with the appropriate expertise and capabilities to form a consortium or joint venture to win the bid.

By selecting the Partnerships Menu on the, webpage, DevelopmentAid members can either post a ‘call’ or announcement detailing the need for partners or check the existing calls for collaboration posted by other platform members in order to bid on or implement a project together.

Right now, there are more than 291,000 organizations working in the development sector on our platform, and the Calls for Partnership service is designed to make it easier than ever for like-minded organizations and companies to get together and compete for tenders and grants from donor agencies.

As a reminder, the new service is completely free for all DevelopmentAid members. You can visit our website here and see the existing ‘calls’now or, if you’re in the market to form a consortium or joint venture, you can follow that link to post your own announcement for a collaboration.

Whether you’re a small NGO just getting started in the field of international development or a large organization with years of experience, our brand-new Calls for Partnership service makes it easier than ever to find organizations, academic institutions, consultants, financial institutions, government agencies, suppliers, and NGOs with the relevant expertise and experience in order to win a tender or grant. And because the Calls for Partnership service is built upon DevelopmentAid’s world-leading informational platform, forming a consortium or joint venture can now be more simple and quicker than ever before.

At DevelopmentAid, we salute the hard-working individuals and organizations who implement projects that make this world a better place. Our hope is that our new Calls for Partnership service will make this just a little bit easier for everyone, resulting in better outcomes for all those communities and people in need of assistance so that the chains of poverty, inequality, and environmental injustice can be broken.