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Climate Resilience MULTI-PHASE Programmatic Approach: Fabrication & Installation of ss Gate for Turnout & Regulator for Branch Canal of RB Main Canal of Pavatkulam Scheme in Vavuniya Division

Last update: Feb 22, 2024 Last update: Feb 22, 2024


Locations:Sri Lanka
Start Date:Sep 25, 2023
End Date:Jan 23, 2024
Contract value:LKR 1,309,000
Sectors:Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
Funding Agencies:
Date posted:Feb 22, 2024

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Project: P160005-Climate Resilience Multi-Phase Programmatic Approach

Bid/Contract Reference No: CRESMPA-1/RP/WORKS/ID-VAV/DC/004

Scope of Contract: Fabrication and installing of SS gates for turnout and regulator for branch channel of RB main canal ot Pavatkulam scheme in Vavuniya Division

Duration of Contract: 120 Day(s)

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