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Project DARWIN: Adapting to Climate Induced Floods Using a Mobile Flood Barrier Called SLAMDAM

Last update: Feb 28, 2024 Last update: Feb 28, 2024


Start Date:Mar 1, 2021
End Date:Jun 1, 2023
Contract value: EUR 500,000
Sectors:Disaster Reduction , Environment & NRM, Gender, In ... See more Disaster Reduction , Environment & NRM, Gender, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Monitoring & Evaluation
Categories:Consulting services
Date posted:Feb 28, 2024

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Description: Deployment Innovative Mobile Flood Barrier in Nigeria to Prevent Flood Damages


The project is driven by a need to address the devastating impacts of climate-induced flooding on the Omojuwa Estate community in Lagos, Nigeria. This vulnerable community, situated near several significant water bodies, has been severely impacted by increased rainfall, leading to exacerbated flood levels. The effects of these floods are diverse, causing severe damage to health, infrastructure, agriculture, and socio-economic development. Current adaptive interventions have proven insufficient, leaving the community increasingly isolated, with lives lost, health conditions deteriorating, infrastructure weakening, and local economic development and food security severely hampered.

The primary objective of this project is to significantly enhance the resilience of the Omojuwa Estate community to flood-related risks, particularly those exacerbated by climate change, through the deployment of a mobile flood barrier. This innovative approach to flood management is aimed at providing immediate and effective protection to the residents, infrastructure, and arable land, thereby helping to safeguard local economic development and food security. The overarching goal is to mitigate the current and future impacts of flooding on the community, enabling them to lead safer, healthier, and more productive lives, and thereby significantly contributing to the wider climate adaptation efforts in the region.

Project goal

The project goal is to help the community at the Omojuwa Estate in Lagos Nigeria enhance resilience to (climate change-induced) floods using a mobile flood barrier.

Project activity

The project activity is a comprehensive, multi-step process designed to protect the Omojuwa Estate community from flood risks. It begins with stakeholder consultations to identify and understand the unique needs and perspectives of the community. This is followed by a robust flood risk assessment using advanced hydrodynamic modelling software, enabling accurate prediction of potential flood events, and aiding in the strategic positioning of the mobile flood barrier. The deployment of this innovative barrier provides immediate and effective flood protection, significantly reducing the vulnerability of the residents, their homes, and livelihoods. The project furthermore focuses on capacity building, empowering the community with knowledge and skills to maintain and utilize the barrier effectively, as well as understand and manage flood risks. The project concludes with a monitoring and evaluation phase, where the effectiveness of the flood barrier and the overall project is assessed, providing valuable data for future flood protection initiatives.

Type of services provided: 

  • Deployment of SLAMDAM, a mobile flood barrier to prevent flooding.
  • Flood consultancy services.
  • Flood intelligence services including hydrodynamic modelling.
  • Data driven flood risk assessments.
  • Development methodology for Adaptation Benefits Measurement.
  • Capacity building and training.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Gender assessments.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.


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