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Improving Nutrition Outcomes Using the Multiphase Programmatic Approach: Acquisition de Vidéo Projecteur, Imprimantes et Onduleurs Répartie en 3 Lots - Lot 1 Acquisition de 4 Imprimantes multifonction

Last update: Apr 17, 2024 Last update: Apr 17, 2024


Start Date:Jun 19, 2023
End Date:Jul 10, 2023
Contract value: MGA 14,370,000
Sectors:Furniture & Office Supplies Furniture & Office Supplies
Funding Agencies:
Date posted:Apr 17, 2024

Associated funding

Associated experts


Project: P160848-Improving Nutrition Outcomes using the Multiphase Programmatic Approach

Bid/Contract Reference No: MG-UPNNC-357336-GO-RFQ

Scope of Contract: Acquisition de Video projecteurs, Imprimantes et Onduleurs repartie en 3 lots : Lot 1 Acquisition de 4 Imprimantes multifonction

Duration of Contract: 3 Week(s)

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