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Critical Raw Material Studies

Last update: May 22, 2024 Last update: May 22, 2024


Start Date:Jul 1, 2022
End Date:Dec 31, 2022
Contract value: EUR 106
Sectors:Research, Trade Research, Trade
Categories:Consulting services
Date posted:May 22, 2024

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Kisserup was contracted by CESO CI International to conduct a comprehensive research project on six key Critical Raw Materials (CRM) (Magnesium, Nickel, Graphite, Lithium, REE, and Cobalt) for EC DG GROW.

The overall purpose of the project was to contribute to the implementation of the integration of Canada-EU raw material value chains through developing the knowledge base accessible to the European Commission (DG Growth) on the industry, existing and possible value chains between EU and Canada, and by presenting options for further engagement with these industries.

The scope of the research had a traversal reach into three sectors: e-mobility, renewable energy, and energy-intensive industries, and six Critical Raw Materials. The objective of the research was to support the cooperation and strengthen the value chain for Critical Raw Materials (CRM) between the European Union and Canada under Strategic Partnerships. The research study mapped the supply side of six CRMs in Canada, through extensive HS code trade data analysis, to better understand which companies’ products are accessing EU markets (or not). Furthermore, the research study mapped the demand side, downstream EU companies and the CRMs they require, and access to find the strengths and weaknesses of the present flow of products. The research findings were compiled in a “CRM Study”, that included the following:

-          Mapping of supply and demand side (trade data analysis)

-          Mapping of Industry (supply and demand side, sector-based)

-          Challenge Review Study

-          Looking Forward Document

-          Proposed Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

-          Compiled Version of the Study on Critical Raw Materials

The scope of the research included the development of a document on the Diagnosis of Existing Challenges Related to an increase of the Selected CRMs Sourcing by EU companies from Canada focusing on the following:

  • identification of policy framework at the EU level which can act as a barrier to trade, e.g. environmental/chemical legislation;
  • development of benchmarks for comparison and analytical purposes; and
  • overview of findings together with any identified methods of success, methods to reduce risk, obstacles and barriers detected, and if possible, solutions and opportunities insights on how to remove the obstacles detected during the diagnostic from the European and Canadian perspectives.
  • findings in support of an EU critical raw materials legislative act.

Kisserup also prepared a Strategic Looking-Forward Document that identified the following:

  • areas with potential for further cooperation along the studied value chains and where (additional) support is required,
  • propose ideas for future activities incentivizing EU businesses to use Canadian CRMs,
  • develop strategies and tactics targeting sectors and businesses using the Studied CRMs to raise awareness of business opportunities in Canada influencing the risk-benefit calculations of stakeholders, and
  • options to promote EU-Canada business engagement supporting the creation/growth of EU/Canada supply chains.

Kisserup fully met the contractual obligations and completed all the project elements and deliverables as per the contract. This project was completed on time and within budget.

Highlights of Services Provided:

  • Regular updates with the European Commission Reference Group, a team assembled by DG Growth to provide feedback on the research findings
  • Participation in EU Raw Materials Week in Brussels
  • Mapping of the importers and exporters of CRMs in Canada and the European Union (a total of 256 stakeholders contacted)
  • Mapping of trade flows of specified CRMs
  • Development of geolocalization maps
  • Stakeholder consultations with private and public sector
  • Value chain analysis
  • Diagnostics of trade and policy barriers
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Policy review
  • Authoring Strategic Looking Forward document
  • Presentation and report writing
  • Project Management

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