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Since our founding in 1901, our single driving focus has been to ensure a strong, secure and prosperous Israel for the Jewish people everywhere. And our results speak for themselves.

Together with our partners, we re-established our ancestral Jewish homeland in modern Israel. We planted more than a quarter-billion trees in what was once a barren desert. And we built hundreds of vibrant, bustling, life-affirming communities throughout Israel - including the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv. But, while we’re proud of our success, we have little interest in looking backward.
Today, our passion, our commitment and our vision for the future of Israel and the Jewish people remain clear and unwavering.
- We see the Negev and Galilee regions blooming with new families attracted by vibrant communities, meaningful work and affordable housing.

- We see Israeli innovation continue to lead the world with breakthrough water solutions for a thirsty planet.

- We see thousands of new American immigrants - modern pioneers - contributing to the economic vitality and the fabric of modern Israeli society.

- We see more Israeli startups, more patents and more green technologies developed and shared with the world.

- And we see our children - confident and strong - building proud, lifelong connections with Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.

Inspired by the legacy of Theodor Herzl and guided by an ambitious strategic roadmap for the next decade, we see a bright, beautiful future for the land and people of Israel. Join us.

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