Pharmacists Without Borders - Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, Mauritania

Pharmacists Without Borders - Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, Mauritania

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Pharmacists Without Borders was founded as an association law 1901 in 1985 on the initiative of Clermont pharmacists. The purpose of the association was to promote the access of disadvantaged populations to pharmaceutical care quality. For over two decades, PSF has relied on the quality of its action to recognize the essential role of the pharmacist as a health player in the world, in compliance with Good Pharmaceutical Practices (BPP), rationalization of prescription and the proper use of medicines.

Today, Pharmacists Without Borders is an initiative supported by the French NGO ACTED continues FSPs commitments since November 2009, working in the South people's access to care and quality medicines. The competence of pharmacists remains at the heart of the PSF project, a project that now covers other areas of action related to access to health: construction and rehabilitation of health infrastructure and health, health education , HIV-AIDS prevention, promoting access to care isolated and vulnerable.

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