POLITECNICA S.R.L. (da inserire in "Stato di avanzamento")

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Legal residence:Italy
Types:Supplier Supplier
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Sectors:Industry, Commerce & Services, Transport Industry, Commerce & Services, Transport
Nr. of employees:11-50
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Politecnica s.r.l. was founded in 1998 by managers and technicians with twenty years of recognized experience in the design and the construction of bus seats, cruise seats, trains seats and in furniture. We are partners with various companies which entrust us with the design (or part of it) and the realization of components and/or flexible polyurethane complements, full skin semi rigid polyurethane or RIM accessories, and vacuum-sealed seats or seats’ parts. The consecutive integration of young and motivated technicians has contributed to surpass the most strict resistance tests with some of the lightest seats on the market: to date, seats and any other component produced by Politecnica place at the top of every single market segment.

Unlike the general trend of commercialization only, simple assembly of imported parts or delocalization of production in low-cost countries, Politecnica has chosen to entirely produce the seats starting from metal carpentry, availing of CMR company’s help which is part of the group, to the moulding and the upholstery. This setting allows it to govern all the processing phases, ensuring the customer a concrete quality and a lasting product.

Precision mechanical processing, welding robots for metal inserts, automatic foaming systems for the padding produce a controlled product, always the same, constant, repeatable.

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