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Legal residence:China
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Henan Kelong Group was founded in 1993. Adhering to the scientific development concept of "Kelong promotes tech,tech promotes Kelong", Kelong has developed into a modern enterprise group with three major industries: new energy, refrigeration system and environmental protection intelligent equipment. GE, Siemens, Electrolux, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Haier, BYD, Shenhua and dozens of large domestic and foreign enterprise groups have established strategic partnerships.

Kelong's new energy industry has the core technical advantages of the whole industry cycle chain of new energy materials-secondary batteries-power systems-power lithium battery recycling.It has built high-level R&D platforms such as “the national-level enterprise technology center”, “post-doctoral research workstations”, “provincial engineering technology research centers”, “and provincial engineering experiments”.

 It has the high-end clients such as Panasonic Samsung, LG, Yutong, and Geely.

It ranks among the best in many industries, and has built two production bases in “Kelong New Energy Materials” and “New Tai Hang Power Battery Industrial Zone”.

Our Kelong group will seize the development opportunity of "Zhengluo New District Construction", take advantage of the 250 million yuan support and listing opportunity of China Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund, based on the field of new energy power batteries and materials, persevere and continue to innovate:Make full use of technological innovation platforms such as the “National Technology Center”, the “Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center” and the “KELONG Maker Center”. Increased R&D investment and opening innovation, Implemented series of major science and technology projects such as “2016 Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology ("Deep Sea Key Technology and Equipment")”, “Provincial Science and Technology Major Project ("New Energy Vehicle Power System"), etc.”We are Strive to build the company into a new energy power battery and material innovation leading enterprise that truly leads the development of the industry and supports the transformation and upgrading of the industry.Focus on the transfer, transformation of scientific achievements & the innovation of industrial organization in the field of new energy power batteries and materials.make full use of the provincial internal science and education resources, implement the introduction of high-end talents, and focus on Xinxiang battery positive and negative materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, vehicle plants, etc. Downstream customer resources, form a strategic alliance of technological innovation and industrialization that supports the development of the battery industry, intensive resources, conduct joint research, commit to solving common problems and problems in the industry.And promote the overall improvement and leapfrog development of the new energy power battery and material industry. Domestic high-quality new energy materials, power batteries and power system modular industry integration service providers!



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