Mitsubishi Materials Techno Co.

Mitsubishi Materials Techno Co.

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Legal residence:Japan
Types:Consulting Organization, Engineering Firm Consulting Organization, Engineering Firm
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Electrical Engineering, Industry, Commerce & Servi ... See more Electrical Engineering, Industry, Commerce & Services, Monitoring & Evaluation
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Factory construction, design and manufacture of production equipment, routine maintenance and large-scale repairs that support stable operations. As a total engineering company, we will respond to all of our customers' plant-related needs
by leveraging our wealth of technical capabilities backed by our track record since 1958 . Furthermore, as an engineering company, we are a rare entity, and in addition to various surveys and analyzes of the soil and water quality of the planned construction site, we also provide one-stop support for designing and manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment within the facility.

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