RECS International Inc. (Rex International Co., Ltd)

RECS International Inc. (Rex International Co., Ltd)

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Legal residence:Japan
Types:Consulting OrganizationConsulting Organization
Funding agencies:ADB, WB, Other, JICA
Sectors:Agriculture, Environment & NRM, Macro-Econ. & Publ ... See moreAgriculture, Environment & NRM, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Rural Development, Social Development, Tourism, Urban Development
Nr. of employees:11-50
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RECS International Inc. is committed to pursuing genuine international cooperation and human development through development consultancy encompassing a wide range of activities from participatory community development at the grassroots level to regional/sub-regional development.

RECS established in June 1995, is an independent and most authentic development consulting firm in Japan.
Its establishment was supported by capital contribution and advisory of prominent experts in the fields of development cooperation and regional development and high expectation of related public and private organizations.

RECS offers first-class services related to basic studies, planning, evaluation and management for both overseas development projects and international projects in Japan.
Through these services, RECS intends to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding between different countries and various peoples and international cooperation as well as the enhancement of roles and status of Japan in the international society.
RECS provides technical assistance and management services through comprehensive consulting on the balance between software and hardware necessary for the development.

Development Consultancy

  • Urban and Regional Development
  • Agriculture and Agricultural Community Development
  • Environmental Management and Planning
  • Macro Economy
  • Industrial Development
  • Social Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Investment Promotion
  • Economic and Financial Analysis etc.


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