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Legal residence:Ukraine
Types:Supplier Supplier
Funding agencies:WB
Sectors:Industry, Commerce & Services Industry, Commerce & Services
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Our products:

Development and manufacturing:
Whole range of the moulding tools for manufacturing mouldings from aluminum and zinc alloys, and plastic;
Molds for various branches of industry (including rubber components, plastic products, and PET-forms);
Mouldings from aluminum and zinc alloys, and plastic;
Our capabilities for:
Molding manufacturing (foundry):
- machinery for moulding under pressure with mold closing force of 1600 kN, 2500 kN, 4000 kN,
- gravity die casting machines with plates of 800 х 630 mm,
- back pressure machines with plates of 1250 х 1000 mm,
- pneumatic gravity die machines with vertical and horizontal mold parting line;
- die casting machines with hot pressing chamber with mold closing force of 150 kN for products weighting up to 100 g;
- automatic molding machines with volume moulded per shot of 125 cm2;
- heat treatment;
- vibratory finishing.


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