Financing the transition to a climate-neutral economy

By European Commission

Financing the transition to a climate-neutral economy

📅  22 April 2024
Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission and the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance (Platform) will hold a technical workshop to discuss the uptake of the EU sustainable finance framework and to present aspects of the Platform’s work.

On 29 January 2024, the Platform published its “report on a compendium of market practices”, which was presented in a webinar on 6 February 2024. The compendium provides use cases on how different key market participants are adopting the EU sustainable finance toolkit for designing transition strategies, structuring financial transactions, and reporting on sustainability efforts.

The compendium illustrates the initial implementation of the key pillars of the EU sustainable finance agenda as set out in the 2018 Commission action plan on financing sustainable growth and confirmed in the 2021 strategy for financing the transition to a sustainable economy.

Against this background, the event is intended to foster dialogue and collaboration among financial institutions, industry leaders, the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance, and representatives from the European Commission. The workshop will show how the EU sustainable finance framework can mobilize green private finance and support the real economy’s transition efforts, offering business and investment opportunities to companies.

Representatives of the Platform will present the compendium and its concrete use cases and discuss transition finance policies, such as transition plans and the connection with the EU taxonomy. Finally, the Platform will present its intermediate report on monitoring capital flows, which includes a methodology to measure the effective contribution of finance towards the objectives of the European green deal, drawing on regulatory disclosures as well as market trends.