Professional Services and Tools for Experts,Donors, Companies and Organizations working in International Development
At DevelopmentAid, we are dedicated to helping stakeholders streamline and improve the process of delivering economic and humanitarian assistance to the developing world. Whether you’re an expert looking to get matched with the right project or job, an organization seeking to efficiently manage their tender processes, fill positions for a project, or a company that operates in the sector, we’ve got the tools you need.

Organizations and Donors Services
We offer a full range of tools and services to help donors and organizations improve the process of delivering aid, hiring talent, and executing projects in the international development sector.
DevelopmentAid Recruitment Services (DRS) helps organizations, companies, and donors find, interview, and hire the very best experts, consultants, executives, and employees in the field of international development.

Our advanced tools can help you create a shortlist for top talent, locate and hire for senior-level roles, and find the right consultant for both short and long-term projects. We also offer several CV tools to help organizations save time and money in the preparation of CVs for project proposals as well as screen CVs to find relevant candidates for the job.
Together with its partners, DevelopmentAid provides access to resources and tools which stakeholders across the spectrum of international aid rely on to make informed decisions and implement policies. All of DevelopmentAid’s partnerships are based on trust, reputation and mutual interest in making this crucially important information accessible to stakeholders worldwide.
The Tenderwell CRM app is the world’s best way to store, track, and manage data across your entire acquisition/tender process.

Optimize the way your company handles candidates, leads, awards, and proposals. The app displays real-time statistics and comes with a suite of customizable tools to manage and store data while staying securely in compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.
Advertising tool
We offer five effective ways to help organizations and donors advertise their services and offerings to more than 500,000 professionals actively working in the international development sector.

Whether you’re looking to create and place eye-catching banner ads, set up and execute a social media marketing campaign, or add your press releases and announcements to our newsletters, events digest, and featured articles, we’ll make sure that your message reaches the right audience.
Job broadcast
Find the best-qualified candidates in the field with our customizable job broadcasting services. We make it easy to sort through candidates to create a targeted shortlist and then quickly fill vacant positions or hire qualified consultants.
Tender/Grant broadcast
Our broadcasting services ensures that your tenders and grants get seen by the wider development community. Hundreds of thousands of experts, companies, organizations, and donors rely on us to reach the largest number of qualified applicants in the shortest possible time.
API integration
Our robust, free-to-use APIs allow organizations and donors to securely input DevelopmentAid’s data streams directly into their apps, databases, and news feeds
Market analysis & research
Whether you’re looking for charts, graphics, or detailed reports, we provide a suite of powerful market analytics. And when you need a deep dive on a particular segment or focus, our team of researchers will deliver results that you can rely on.
Private Sector Initiative
Private sector development is an initiative supported by DevelopmentAid which can be implemented by governments around the world. The initiative aligns with national strategies to support and grow Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). It aims to internationalize SMEs through business and funding opportunities from major development agencies.
National Employment Initiative
Join NEI, designed to empower local consultants in the international development sector. Access cutting-edge career tools, personalized support, and extensive job opportunities to elevate your career globally.
Expert Services
Whether you’re just beginning your career or have a long track record in the field of international development, our expert services will help you find and secure your next job, gig, or posting.
CV Broadcast
Our CV Broadcast tool helps get your name and information in front of more than 14,000 vetted companies and firms seeking to hire experts with your skills and experience.
CV tailoring
Our service for those who are applying to jobs and need a professional written CV.
CV Generation
Option for individual consultants with 5+ years of experience to create a professional profile in our database.
Special Offers
Choose the services that align with your specific needs and save in the process.
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€ 525 /year
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