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Climate controlled self-storage facility, Asheville, NC

Last update: Apr 11, 2024 Last update: Apr 11, 2024


Start Date:Jan 24, 2024
End Date:Unknown
Sectors:Industry, Commerce & Services Industry, Commerce & Services
Categories:Non-consulting services
Date posted:Apr 11, 2024

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Notice ID: 12444124P0009

Description: A secure climate controlled self-storage facility for the Asheville Interagency Hotshot Crew, approximately 1200 - 2400 square feet with drive in bays, power, lighting, bay large enough to store a Honda UTV with 7'x 12' trailer and access to bathroom(s), close to the National Forests in North Carolina Supervisor's Office located Asheville, NC. This facility will need to be able to store the Asheville Interagency Hotshot Crews equipment.

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