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Tender for business export coaching and systems change experts for CBI's IT outsourcing programme in Morocco

Last update: Nov 7, 2023 Last update: 07 Nov, 2023


Application Deadline: 04 Dec, 2023 Deadline has passed and no more applications are accepted
Location: Morocco Morocco
Category: Consulting services
Status: Closed
Sectors: Information & Communication Technology, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, SME & Private Sector
Languages: English, French
Contracting Authority Type: Government / Public Sector
Type: Organisation & Individual
Budget: EUR 400,000
Date posted: 07 Nov, 2023


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Associated Awards

There are no awards associated to this tender.

Project cycle timeline



CBI is looking for experts to help improve youth inclusion in Morocco's IT outsourcing (ITO) sector. We are looking for experts who can provide:

  • Business export coaching for Moroccan IT outsourcing companies that want to export to the European market;
  • Local project coordination and business export coaching support;
  • Institutional development support with a systems change focus;
  • Local project coordination and systems change development support.

About the project 

This 5-year project will start in the first quarter of 2024. The aim of the project is to speed up the transformation of Morocco's ITO sector towards greater youth inclusion. This will be done by: 

  • Strengthening the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create decent jobs; 
  • Developing services that boost SMEs' export potential;
  • Strengthen SMEs' human resource practices to better attract, develop, and keep young talent; and 
  • Building a more enabling ecosystem with key sector stakeholders.

Consultant roles

This tender is for 4 types of experts.

Business export coaching expert  

CBI is looking for an expert who will:

  • Coach a group of around 10 Moroccan ITO SMEs on entering the EU market;
  • Help these companies establish best practices for youth inclusion aimed at improving their ability to attract, develop, and keep young employees.

Local project coordination and business export coaching expert

CBI is looking for an expert who will: 

  • Support the business export coaching expert in building the capacities of ITO SMEs. This includes:
    • Determining SME support needs;
    • Coaching on business export and youth inclusion strategies;
    • Monitoring and ensuring SME engagement in the project; 
  • Oversee logistics and network management; and 
  • Coordinate all business export coaching activities related to the project.

Institutional development expert 

This expert must have extensive knowledge of the market systems development (MSD) approach.

CBI is looking for an expert who will: 

  • Guide coalitions of sector stakeholders to achieve systemic change aimed at better inclusion of youth. This includes: 
    • Assessing stakeholder needs, conducting root cause analyses on youth inclusiveness, organising meetings and providing coaching to build consensus for change. 
  • Help service providers to develop financially sustainable business strategies that align with the MSD approach, a framework for creating more inclusive and fair economic systems.

Local project coordination and systems change development expert

CBI is looking for an expert who will: 

  • Support the institutional development expert in speeding up systems change. This includes: 
    • Conducting essential research, organising events, and coaching.
  • Handle logistics and network coordination;  
  • Manage activities related to institutional and systems change and market systems development.