Ministry of Economy / Ministerstvo hospodárstva SR

Ministry of Economy / Ministerstvo hospodárstva SR

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Office: Slovakia
Address: Mlynské nivy 44/A 827 15 Bratislava 212
Contact person: Ing. Richard Sulík, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 2/485 411 11
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Sectors: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Public Adm ... See more Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Public Administration
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Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic contributes to creation of the unified state policy of the Slovak Republic, to the extent of its responsibilities and competences it exercises state administration and fulfils further tasks stipulated in laws and other generally binding legal regulations. To the extent of its defined responsibilities and competences, the Ministry is also liable for defence issues and formation of conditions favourable for implementation of requirements for ensuring the preparations for defence and security. To the extent of its defined competences, the Ministry is also responsible to covenant the international agreements and treaties, to develop bilateral contacts and relations between the countries and international co-operation inclusive the tasks resulting for the Slovak Republic from both the international treaties and conventions and its membership in the international organizations. The Ministry inspects the issues in the matters subjected to the extent of its competences, it analyses the achievements and results and takes the measures to solve the topical issues. It processes the concepts aimed at development of tasks it is entrusted with and at solving the fundamental issues to be submitted to the Government of the Slovak Republic. It exercises due diligence in legal matters subjected to the extent of its competence, it develops the Bills and drafts of other general binding legal regulations, it takes care of complying with lawfulness to the extent of its competences.

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