Professional CV Tailoring Service

To increase the chance of being shortlisted and accepted for a job or a project, you need to present a well-written CV. Your CV must include easily accessible and salient information about your skills and previous experience. The use of relevant key-words, phrases and terminology is of paramount importance for a successful employment.

CV Tailoring

What you get

You will receive a polished, concise and professionally written CV after using our CV tailoring service.

CV and/or cover letter tailored to a particular position

Relevant key qualifications described as per ToRs or job description

Different CV formats
EC, WB, AfDB, ADB and P11(UN)


Get started with one of the following options.

€ 249.00

CV Tailoring

€ 299.00

CV Tailoring

Cover Letter Tailoring

€ 399.00

CV Tailoring

Cover Letter Tailoring

CV Broadcast

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*CV Broadcast - service that allows you to feature yourself to a network of 14060 international recruiters. Check CV Broadcast page to find more information.