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Nationality:Dem. Rep. Congo
Years of experience:17
Languages:Lingala, Kongo, French(excellent), English(excellent)
Countries of experience:Canada (1), Dem. Rep. Congo (3), USA (4)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Land & Erosion & Soil (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Research (3), Mapping & Cadastre (5), Environment & NRM (7)
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

• Experience in project development, project monitoring and evaluation, results framework development and management, proposals development and timely reporting to donors.
• Experience in Research and Product Development.
• Experience in managing teams, sharing responsibilities, coordinating staffs, and promoting a productive work environment.
• Experience working in a complex program with multiple donors and in a complex and hard environment of implementation.
• Field experience in a remote area working in biodiversity conservation and community development, while maintaining good relationship with diverse stakeholders.
• Field experience in wildlife data collection and management.
• Experienced bilingual geospatial and wildlife conservation professional.
• Advanced skills in geospatial sciences (GIS and Remote Sensing for natural resources management).

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Nationality:North Macedonia
Years of experience:14
Languages:Montenegrin, Serbian(excellent), Macedonian(excellent), English(excellent), Croatian(excellent), Bosnian(excellent), Spanish(basic)
Countries of experience:Belgium (2), North Macedonia (2)
Sectors of experience:Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Human Rights (1), Anti-Corruption (1), Law (4)
Financing agencies:EC (4)
Key qualifications:

Over 15 years of professional expertise and passion for international politics and EU affairs. Accumulated transferable skills in navigating complex policy landscapes, adeptness at driving organizational change, proficiency in communication, relationship-building and leadership.

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Years of experience:14
Countries of experience:India (5)
Sectors of experience:Administration (1), Advocacy (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Health (5)
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

Highly accomplished, dedicated Public Health professional with 9+ Years experience in Planning, Organizing & evaluating the different health programs including Sickle cell, Haemophilia, Thalassemia, Hepatitis & Leprosy. Expertise in preparing Budget i.e., Program implementation Plan (PIP), Capacity Building Schedule, Financial guidelines, training guidelines, Operational guidelines. Possesses extensive knowledge of Procurement with tender processing & Healthcare System, IEC, and Health Promotion. Skilled in Healthcare Research & engaging community stakeholders.

Summary of Qualification:
• Strong Analytical & Planning Skills.
• Healthcare Administration.
• Budgeting & Financial Management.
• Grassroots Health Program Management.
• Health Program Design & Evaluation.
• Control & Eradication of Preventing diseases.
• Health Insurance.

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Years of experience:17
Languages:English(excellent), Arabic(excellent)
Countries of experience:Iraq (2), Lebanon (2), Jordan (13)
Sectors of experience:Gender (1), Health (1), Human Rights (1), Training (1), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), Education (2), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Programme & Resource Management (9), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (10)
Financing agencies:NRC (1), DFAT Australia (1), GA Canada (1), USAID (1), WB (1), UN (1), UNICEF (1), ACTED (1), Oxfam International (1), SCI (1), IFRC (2), Other (2), DRC (2), EC (7)
Key qualifications:

Emergency and Relief Response.

Esteemed humanitarian and development senior strategic leader and partnerships manager.
Extensive regional and country management expertise, rooted in a profound understanding of complex contexts across the MENA region.
Remarkable breadth of skills, encompassing grant and institutional donor management and relationships, remote and in-country line management, risk assessment, security, and financial accountability, orchestrate partnerships with local, national, international, and governmental stakeholders, and strategic planning.
Executive management and coordination of humanitarian and development initiatives, institutional grants, and donor compliance.
Portfolio includes the successful establishment and oversight of disaster response and recovery operations, governance boards, performance optimization, and financial stewardship within the realm of institutional donor engagements.

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Years of experience:20
Languages:Persian/Farsi, Dari(excellent), Pashto(excellent), English(excellent), Arabic(excellent), Urdu(excellent)
Countries of experience:Afghanistan (10)
Sectors of experience:Labour Market & Employment (1), Statistics (1), Banking (2), Marketing (2), Training (4), Agriculture (8)
Financing agencies:ADB (1), UNDP (1), FAO (1), USAID (7)
Key qualifications:

More than 17 years of working experience with International and National NGO’s in Afghanistan: Value chain Director, Technical Director, Agriculture Manager, Ag Depot Training & Association Development Manager, Senior Horticulture Specialist, Master Trainer and Labor Market Survey Lead Consultant.

Experience in the development of the livelihoods project design, scope, cost and implementation. Experience in applying adult learning principles/FFS in a training/capacity development environment. Farmers Field School (FFS/CIG) Group Development and Facilitation/Adult learning techniques.
Formal, Informal, and Non-formal/Adult learning techniques and capacity Development. Capacity Building, TOT training design and implementation.
Development of training materials on different topics (Agriculture, Value chain, Business, Marketing, WASH and Islamic Law/ Sharia/jurisprudence and its translation in Dari and Pashtu languages and delivering presentations.
Efficient Training Design, Planning, and development of training Curriculum and Modules.
Developed training Manual, Training/Extension guidelines, Training Calendar and Curriculum. Designing and conducting workshops and other events.
Pre-harvest and Post-harvest best management practices of fruits and Vegetables. Sustainable, food security, nutrition, and local economies of communities.
Strengthening the Resilience of communities. Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development.
Smallholder Agriculture and Marketing (SMART) System. Community Development & Engagement.
Natural Resource Management Disaster Risk Reduction.
Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) good practices and technologies in agriculture, Climate change and Climate- adaptive rural development program.
Asset creation and livelihoods.
Project Design, Planning, Implementation, and closing.
Basic hygiene, Water and Sanitation (WASH), ISO, and HACCP.
On-farm water management, Conservation agriculture good practices and crop diversification. Agriculture water management, Crop water requirements and Water shed Management
Conducting research and development of Survey forms, data collection, cleaning, analysis, and preparing reports. Use of research to produce quality documents, recommendations, and reports.
Entrepreneurship and Development.
Sustainable Agriculture Development; Production & Postharvest management Program and Event Development.
Relationship Building and communication. Installation of trellising systems in vineyards.
Fruit orchard/Vineyards and Vegetable plots Establishment and Good Agriculture Management Practices (GAP).

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Years of experience:22
Languages:Portuguese(excellent), English(excellent), Spanish(good), French(basic)
Countries of experience:Botswana (1), Mozambique (8)
Sectors of experience:Statistics (1), Mapping & Cadastre (1), Law (1), Research (1), Education (2), Disaster Reduction (3), Environment & NRM (9)
Financing agencies:IUCN International (1), GIZ (1), SADC (1), Oxfam International (1), DANIDA (2)
Key qualifications:

Knowledge and Good Practice on the Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and SADC Protocols:
• International Conventions: African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; on CITES; Biological Diversity, Climate Change, Migratory Species and Wetlands.
• SADC Protocol on Wildlife to the Wildlife.
• SADC Protocol on Wildlife Conservation and Law Enforcement.

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Years of experience:12
Languages:Ewe, Yoruba(excellent), French(excellent), Fon(excellent), English(good)
Countries of experience:Djibouti (1), Benin (3), France (4)
Sectors of experience:Environment & NRM (1), Health (1), Logistics (1), Poverty Reduction (1), Administration (1), Fundraising (1), Training (1), Media and Communications (1), Research (1), Youth (2), Programme & Resource Management (2), Advocacy (2)
Financing agencies:IFRC (1), Oxfam International (1)
Key qualifications:

A professional in social development and community cohesion with more than 7 years of experience, solid skills in analyzing public policies, coordinating transversal projects to combat poverty and mobilizing strategic partnerships.
Worked on issues of access to rights, food aid and social and territorial inequalities in access to health. Experiences in project management, writing reports and administrative notes, as well as communication and stakeholder engagement.

Mastery of the project cycle.
Policy development and strategy.
Design of public policies.
Project design.
Animation of community activities.
Team management.
Mobilization of partners.
Administrative and budgetary management.
Old documentary.
Data analysis and evaluation.
Summary writing.
Accounting and financial review.

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Years of experience:12
Languages:French(excellent), Fon(fair), English(fair)
Countries of experience:Togo (1), Burkina Faso (4), Niger (4), Mali (5), Benin (47)
Sectors of experience:Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), Disaster Reduction (1), Mapping & Cadastre (2), Training (5), Audit (6), Gender (7), Social Development (7), Human Rights (7), Environment & NRM (9), Monitoring & Evaluation (10), Risk Management (incl. insurance) (48)
Financing agencies:Government (1), ISDB (1), AfDB (2), Other (2), AFD (3), CEB (4), WB (27)
Key qualifications:

Il a participé à plusieurs études d'impact sur les aspects environnementaux et sociaux des activités économiques.Il est particulièrement impliqué dans la promotion du développement économique, notamment les questions environnementales et les changements climatiques.

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Years of experience:19
Languages:Russian, English, Georgian(excellent)
Countries of experience:Germany (1), Netherlands (1), Georgia (17)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Youth (1), Administration (1), Democratization (1), Regional Integration (1), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), Human Resources (1), Programme & Resource Management (1), Research (1), Civil Society & NGOs (2), Fundraising (2), Training (2), Public Administration (2), Advocacy (2), Media and Communications (3), Grants & Grant Schemes (3), Human Rights (5)
Financing agencies:Caritas Internationalis (1), EC (1), IOM (1), SCI (1), OSF (2), USAID (2), UN (4)
Key qualifications:

Specialist of International Relations (IR), with extensive knowledge and experience in civic integration of vulnerable groups, human rights, and democratic oversight over the law- enforcement structures, ethnic minorities’ rights, freedom of religion and belief, mass communication, repatriation and early childhood development. Furthermore, 16 years’ experience in research, reporting, advocacy, proposal development, fundraising, projects’ management and issues related to organizational capacity building and strategic development.

Key Skills:
Program/Grants Management.
Meeting Facilitation.
Program Logistics.
Staff Training & training/focus group.
Planning and implementation.
Quality Assurance.

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Nationality:Chile, Croatia
Years of experience:21
Languages:Spanish(excellent), English(excellent), Portuguese(basic)
Countries of experience:Liberia (1), South Sudan (1), Tanzania (1), Zambia (1), Argentina (1), Colombia (1), Guyana (1), Uruguay (1), Afghanistan (1), Bangladesh (1), Myanmar (1), Nepal (1), Pakistan (1), Thailand (1), Italy (1), Solomon Islands (1), UK (2), Vanuatu (2), Chile (7)
Sectors of experience:Energy (1), Urban Development (1), Training (1), Research (1), Risk Management (incl. insurance) (1), Disaster Reduction (2), Roads & Bridges (5), Programme & Resource Management (10), Civil Engineering (23)
Financing agencies:IFRC (1), DFAT Australia (1), UNDP (1), ISDB (1), SDC (1), UNICEF (1), WFP (1), ADB (2), AfDB (2), IADB (2), UN (2), FCDO (3), WB (3)
Key qualifications:

A qualified Structural Engineer with a Master in Sustainable Infrastructure. Vast experience in post-crisis recovery and reconstruction programmes. Extensive experience of working with local community organizations and leading the structural damage assesments of rural infrastructure and housing.
Areas of expertise: Project: Management, Shelter Design, Earthquake Resilient Infrastructure Design, Forensic Engineering, Disaster Risk Reduction, Humanitarian Relief, Infrastructure Needs Assessment, Energy Building Modelling, Environmental Modelling, Building Sustainability, Proposal Writing, Stakeholder Engagement, Capacity Building, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment.

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Nationality:South Sudan, Uganda
Years of experience:5
Languages:Swahili(excellent), English(excellent)
Countries of experience:Kenya (1), Sudan (1), Haiti (1), Panama (1), South Sudan (6)
Sectors of experience:Research (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (8)
Financing agencies:USIP (1), UNDP (1), UN (1), UNICEF (1), SCI (1), SIDA (2), USAID (2), UNESCO (2), WFP (2)
Key qualifications:

A highly accomplished Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning professional with a strong experience in the Education, Food Security & Livelihoods, WASH, Climate Change, and Peacebuilding projects. With over 5 years of experience working with both private and non-profit organizations, he has made significant contributions to improving program effectiveness and impact. In his past 4 years of career, he has enabled the successful implementation of both emergency and development projects by providing contextual information to inform the proposal development processes and facilitating monitoring and continuous learning sessions to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders. In his most recent role as a MEL and Quality Assurance Specialist for USAID’s Haiti Evaluation and Survey Services Program, he has honed his skills in data collection and analysis, data quality control, tool development, and capacity building. His efforts in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of data have directly contributed to the reliability of program outcomes and informed decision-making processes.

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Years of experience:13
Languages:Wolof, Fula, English, French(excellent)
Countries of experience:Niger (1), Senegal (6)
Sectors of experience:Environment & NRM (1), Youth (1), Fundraising (1), Migration (1), Human Rights (1), Programme & Resource Management (1), Agriculture (2), Social Development (3), Monitoring & Evaluation (3)
Financing agencies:EC (1), WB (1), UN (1), UNICEF (1), IOM (2)
Key qualifications:

Développement local.
Maitrise des techniques d’animation et de la formation des adultes (MARP).
Maitrise des techniques de mobilisation communautaire.
Diagnostic organisationnel et institutionnel.
Elaboration de projet et suivi-évaluation.
Méthodes et outils de diagnostic participatif (MARP, matrice de sensibilité…).
Evaluation d’impact de projets / programmes de développement - Gestion de projet.

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Years of experience:11
Languages:French(excellent), English(good)
Countries of experience:Togo (3)
Sectors of experience:Monitoring & Evaluation (3)
Financing agencies:USAID (1)
Key qualifications:

Specialiste en planification et suivi-evaluation.  Je suis doté d'un grand sens de l’organisation et d’une solide connaissance dans le suivi-évaluation et dans le pilotage de projets. 

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Years of experience:30
Languages:Spanish(excellent), French(excellent), English(very good)
Countries of experience:Mexico (5), France (6), Spain (6)
Sectors of experience:Procurement (1), Trade (1), Public Administration (1), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), SME & Private Sector (2), Grants & Grant Schemes (2), Programme & Resource Management (2), Fundraising (4), Education (6), Law (11)
Financing agencies:EEA and Norway Grants (1), Horizon 2020 (1), Horizon Europe (1), EC (8)
Key qualifications:

European and international fundraiser and program manager team leader – public-private networking.

More than 20 years of proven experience across a range of EU funding programs (such as Horizon 2020, INTERREG, Erasmus +, COSME, Europeaid, etc). 

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Years of experience:19
Languages:Kinyarwanda(excellent), French(excellent), English(excellent), Swahili(very good)
Countries of experience:Rwanda (6)
Sectors of experience:Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Agriculture (1), Fundraising (2), Health (3), Research (3)
Financing agencies:WB (1), UN (1), WHO (1), UNHCR (1), UNFPA (1)
Key qualifications:

Accomplished leader with over 14 years of experience in nonprofit management, strategic partnerships, and humanitarian operations across African contexts. Proven success in policy development, fostering strategic relationships, and implementing innovative programs to drive impactful change for vulnerable communities. Skilled in resource mobilization, strategic planning, and representing organizations at regional and global advocacy events.
A background and experience working in specifically but not limited to the Tech world, working with multiple communities, leading successful projects.
Skills: Policy development, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, resource mobilization.

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Years of experience:12
Languages:French(excellent), English(excellent), Arabic(excellent), Italian(basic)
Countries of experience:Algeria (1), Ethiopia (1), Kenya (1), Palestine / West Bank & Gaza (1), Germany (1), Libya (3), Tunisia (10)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Gender (1), Procurement (1), Youth (1), Administration (1), Security (1), Democratization (1), Grants & Grant Schemes (1), Finance & Accounting (1), Corporate Social Responsibility (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (2), Programme & Resource Management (3), Training (4), Media and Communications (11)
Financing agencies:EBRD (1), SIDA (1), UNICEF (1), IFES (1), AU (1), UNRWA (1), UNODC (1), USAID (2), GIZ (2), US DoS (3)
Key qualifications:

With over a decade of strategic leadership in International development and the corporate business across the Middle East and Africa, specialized in project management to drive social change and sustainability. Expertise is in managing large-scale projects, orchestrating cross-functional teams, and navigating multi-stakeholder environments. Passionate about social and behaviour changes, spearheaded initiatives that promote sustainable development and strengthen resilience, achieving significant impacts in challenging settings. 

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Years of experience:18
Languages:French(excellent), English(good), Spanish(basic)
Countries of experience:Cameroon (1), Madagascar (1), Mali (1), Mauritania (1), Niger (1), Senegal (1), Haiti (1), Dem. Rep. Congo (2), Chad (7)
Sectors of experience:Civil Society & NGOs (1), Health (1), Information & Communication Technology (1), Food Security (2), Administration (3), Monitoring & Evaluation (3), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (6), Programme & Resource Management (6)
Financing agencies:IFRC (1), USAID (1), UNICEF (1), WFP (2), Oxfam International (2), ACF (2)
Key qualifications:

Community development specialist, Manager and Team Leader, Experiences in monitoring & evaluation and management of NGOs security. Food security analyst and project planning expert. Member of Action Against Hunger's global emergency team (GET). Member of the national food and nutrition analysis unit using the harmonized framework tool in Chad. More than 17 years of commitment to humanitarian aid. Served in several international NGO, but also with the United Nations system (WFP and UNICEF).


Operations management.
Project Management.

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Nationality:South Sudan
Years of experience:11
Languages:English(excellent), Swahili(basic), Arabic(basic)
Countries of experience:Sudan (1), South Sudan (7)
Sectors of experience:Health (1), Logistics (1), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (2), Water & Sanitation (7)
Financing agencies:UN (1), Oxfam International (1)
Key qualifications:

Water Resources Engineering professional with a strong ability to apply basic engineering principles to solve technical problems, as well as communicate technical concepts.

• Designing of water supply and sewer systems.
• Strong technical writing and verbal communication skills with demonstrated ability to conduct effective presentations and prepare written reports and documents
• Demonstrated knowledge of hydrology and open channel hydraulics.
• Perform engineering work with the water/wastewater engineering group with a heavy inclination on buried infrastructure and conveyance projects.
• Strong design and other technical experience and skills.
• Possess strong technical report and proposal writing skills.
• Strong networking, business development, and client relationship skills.
• Geometrical and technical skills.
• Water supply and sewerage designing skills.
• Duties may also include field activities such as field reconnaissance, site investigations and/or site observation activities.
• Soil testing skills.
• Irrigation and drainage knowledge.
• Knowledge/experience in hydrogeological surveys.
• Water chemistry and microbiological knowledge.

Last update:5 days ago
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Nationality:Cote d'Ivoire, Italy
Years of experience:18
Languages:Italian(excellent), French(excellent), English(excellent)
Countries of experience:South Africa (1), Netherlands (1), UK (1), Cote d'Ivoire (4)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Gender (1), Health (1), Training (1), Media and Communications (1), Programme & Resource Management (1), Advocacy (1), Marketing (3)
Financing agencies:WFP (1)
Key qualifications:

Dynamic and results-oriented project management professional with over 20 years of experience working in international and multicultural environments. Expertise in leading complex projects, developing and implementing strategic plans, and managing budgets exceeding $150k USD. Proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Project Management: Strong background in overseeing virtual projects, organizing digital resources, and maintaining schedules.
Strategic planning and execution: Coordinated cross-functional/external teams to execute strategic initiatives, ensuring clear communication, resource allocation, and milestone tracking.

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Years of experience:21
Languages:French, Saraiki, Punjabi, Urdu(excellent), English(excellent)
Countries of experience:Pakistan (12)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Environment & NRM (1), Gender (1), Health (1), Logistics (1), Training (1), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), Research (1), Grants & Grant Schemes (2), Programme & Resource Management (2), Administration (3), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (4), Monitoring & Evaluation (4)
Financing agencies:UNDP (1), WB (1), FAO (1), WFP (1), IOM (1), UNFCCC (1), ACTED (2), UN (3), FCDO (7)
Key qualifications:

Over 12 years of experience with leading humanitarian and development donors, an experienced development profession with a niche in engagement, networking, reporting, resource mobilisation, donor relation & co-ordination, programme managements. Also have supplier and relationship management experience from corporate sectors. Enjoy excellent understanding of monitoring, evaluation and research, procurement, report writing and analysis of partner’s reports and capacity building in the context of natural disasters, humanitarian response, education, health and humanitarian programmes covering multilateral, bilateral, civil society organizations, NGOs and INGOs.

Last update:6 days ago
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Years of experience:6
Languages:Bengali(excellent), Hindi(excellent), English(excellent), Bangla(excellent), French(basic)
Countries of experience:Bangladesh (5)
Sectors of experience:Marketing (1), Training (2), Statistics (2), Translation (2), Media and Communications (3)
Financing agencies:UNICEF (2), UNFPA (2)
Key qualifications:

A perfect combination of youth and knowledge with more than 13 years working experience with national, international organizations including United Nations. Extensive knowledge of Data analysis, Program coordination, Donor report making, Knowledge Management, CLA, Project analysis.Press release, Broadcast journalism, News presentation, News editing and many more.

Skills & Expertise:
Data Analysis.
Network Building.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
M&E Expert (Monitoring and Evaluation).
Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA).
Audio Editing.
Program Management.
Program Planning.
Project Analysis.
Education Researcher.
Program Analysis.
Capacity Building.
Innovation Specialist.
Knowledge Management.
BCC Specialist.
Team Management.
Report Writing.
Mass communication.
Corporate communicates.
Program/Project Designing.

Last update:6 days ago
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Years of experience:24
Countries of experience:Kenya (2), UK (14)
Sectors of experience:Health (1), Social Development (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (1), Education (2), Grants & Grant Schemes (2), Programme & Resource Management (3), Fundraising (6)
Financing agencies:IFRC (1), EC (1), USAID (1), US DoS (1), ILO (1), Global Fund (1), FCDO (7)
Key qualifications:

With more than 20 years NGO / charity sector experience, highly experienced operational leader.

Key skills and experience include:

Strategy and policy: designing, implementing and monitoring organisational strategies and policies.

Fundraising: proven track record of increasing revenue across income streams including HNIs, foundations, corporates and institutional funders.

Operational management: change management, risk management, stakeholder relationships.

Finance: financial systems, budgets, forecasts and long-term modelling.

Project cycle: project design, development, financing, implementation and learning.

Thematic expertise in education, employment, WASH, conservation; disability and gender at project, programme and policy levels.

Partnerships and grantee management: partner strategy, assessment, selection, due diligence, contracting and capacity building.

Safeguarding: frameworks, policies, assessment and capacity building, investigations.

Last update:7 days ago
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Years of experience:12
Languages:Shona(excellent), English(excellent), French(fair)
Countries of experience:Zimbabwe (8)
Sectors of experience:Health (1), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (1), Agriculture (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (4), Research (4)
Financing agencies:Mercy Corps (1), USAID (1), Oxfam International (1)
Key qualifications:

Project Design | Project Management | Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Sectors: International Development, Humanitarian Assistance, and Social Enterprise.

Project management professional in the development, humanitarian and social enterprise sectors with over eight years of experience, that include oversight of program design, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning across seven countries in southern and east Africa.
Supported processes of designing multi-million, multi-country initiatives by leading the analysis of complex issues using participatory and systems thinking approaches.
Built and implemented frameworks that ensure accountable programming by generating and disseminating evidence and learning to inform adaptive management and the safeguarding of people, organisations and resources.

Last update:7 days ago
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Years of experience:15
Languages:English(excellent), Amharic(excellent), Oromo(basic)
Countries of experience:Ethiopia (6)
Sectors of experience:Programme & Resource Management (1), Research (1), Monitoring & Evaluation (3), Mapping & Cadastre (3)
Financing agencies:Caritas Internationalis (2)
Key qualifications:

Experienced professional in the development sector in Ethiopia with expertise in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL), GIS, and project management. Skilled in spatial data analytics, statistical models, and producing high-quality reports for senior audiences.

• Program Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring.
• Data Collection, Analysis, and Report Writing.
• Interpersonal Communication.
• GIS.
• Project Management.
• Data Management.
• Research.
• Analytics.
• Spatial Analysis.
• Remote Sensing.

Last update:7 days ago
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Years of experience:23
Languages:Swahili(excellent), English(excellent), Portuguese(basic)
Countries of experience:Mozambique (1), Uganda (14)
Sectors of experience:Audit (1), Land & Erosion & Soil (4), Roads & Bridges (9), Civil Engineering (15)
Financing agencies:KFW (1), WB (1), Other (1), ISDB (1), AfDB (2), DANIDA (2), EIB (2), Government (2), EC (4)
Key qualifications:

Senior Civil Engineer – Materials/Pavements.

Registered, Professional Civil Engineer and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a proven track record gained over 22 years work experience in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Development projects. Delivered several infrastructure projects, starting with concept design, tender assistance, feasibility studies, Detailed Engineering Design, construction supervision/management, project monitoring and post construction evaluation.

Well conversant with FIDIC Conditions of Contract, EU Conditions of Contract, Ground Investigation, Cost Engineering, Works Verifications, Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Procedures, Supervision Procedures and Interpretation of Technical Specifications, Project Management and Contract Administration.

Last update:7 days ago
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Years of experience:17
Languages:Fon, French(excellent), English(good)
Countries of experience:Mali (1), Benin (17), Senegal (17)
Sectors of experience:Water & Sanitation (2), Mapping & Cadastre (20), Roads & Bridges (23), Civil Engineering (23)
Financing agencies:UEMOA (1), WB (2), BOAD (4), Government (6), Other (19)
Key qualifications:

Possédant plus de quinze (15) années d'expérience en exécution, en contrôle et surveillance de travaux, il a accompli plusieurs Missions d’Etudes et ou de Contrôle et de Surveillance de travaux dans le domaine du bitumage routier, de pavage, d’assainissement et de voiries urbaines en tant que Technicien Supérieur géomètre topographe, génie-civil ou chef de chantier.

Last update:7 days ago
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Years of experience:21
Languages:Ukrainian(excellent), English(good)
Countries of experience:UK (1), Norway (1), Ukraine (5)
Sectors of experience:Roads & Bridges (1), Water & Sanitation (1), Civil Engineering (7)
Financing agencies:EBRD (1), EC (1), Other (1), Government (1), NPO (1), NEFCO (2)
Key qualifications:

Construction management.
Organization of work on the construction site and technical supervision over the subcontractor’s work, work with the designer and the Employer.
Negotination for procurements with local material and equipment manufacturers.
Preparation of materials delivery schedules, financing schedules, and control Estimates preparation of construction works and installation servises.
Project budget control.
Quality control of construction works and installation servises.
Commissioning of the facilities and engeneering systems.

Key skills:

- Construction managment (including FIDIC contract).
- Review of design documentation, making comments and adjustments.
- Procurement of the local material and equipment.
- Selection, assembly and delivery of building materials and equipment to the construction site.
- Optimization of the construction process.

Last update:8 days ago
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Years of experience:35
Languages:Creole, Spanish(excellent), Italian(excellent), French(excellent), English(excellent), Portuguese(good)
Countries of experience:Lebanon (1), Syria (1), Switzerland (1), Luxembourg (2), Haiti (4), Belgium (4), Italy (8)
Sectors of experience:Education (1), Procurement (1), Training (1), Research (1), Translation (1), Audit (1), Gender (2), Administration (2), Finance & Accounting (2), Humanitarian Aid & Emergency (3), Law (3), Civil Society & NGOs (5), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (6), Human Resources (6)
Financing agencies:IOM (1), EC (2), UN (3), IFRC (8)
Key qualifications:

Excellent leadership, advocacy, systemic vision, organization and planning, problem solving, tenacity, flexibility, active listening and internal and external strategic communication skills.

26 years of continuous professional experience and life abroad.

Areas of Expertise:

International Development, International Relations, Representation and Coordination with Government Bodies, NGOs and International Organizations.
Internal and External Strategic Communication.
Mediation and Negotiation.
Expert – over 20 years.

Development and Projects Writing, Program and Project Management in the Private, Humanitarian and International Cooperation and Development sectors. Expert – over 20 years.

National Societies Institutional and Organizational Development, Business Development, People Capacity building strenghtening and development. Expert – 15 years.

Strategic Planning, Human resources, administrative, legal and financial management. Expert – over 20 years.

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Years of experience:10
Languages:Hausa(excellent), French(excellent), English(excellent)
Countries of experience:Burkina Faso (1), Togo (1), Niger (3)
Sectors of experience:Human Resources (1), Finance & Accounting (5)
Financing agencies:AFD (1), UNFPA (1)
Key qualifications:

Bilingual and graduated in accounting, management control and internal audit. More than ten (10) years of professional experience occupying various positions of responsibility within the Financial Departments of large multinationals and non-profit organizations. Acquired the skills necessary to carry out various Financial and Administrative tasks.

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Years of experience:26
Languages:Oromo(excellent), English(excellent), Amharic(excellent)
Countries of experience:Ethiopia (14)
Sectors of experience:Rural Development (1), Inst. Devt. & Cap. building (1), Mapping & Cadastre (2), Research (2), Agriculture (6), Training (10), Environment & NRM (13)
Financing agencies:GIZ (3)
Key qualifications:

Worked in different positions in different government and non-government organizations as expert and coordination positions.

Expertise in land use study, administration and management, natural resource management and development, agricultural development, agricultural and natural resource development, agricultural and rural development, baseline and feasibility study on forestry and livelihoods in REDD+ Investment, participated in baseline study of selected socio-ecological landscapes

Contribution to study and published materials: integrated land use planning, local knowledge management in watershed development perspective, rural development corridor strategies, and strategy of community and stakeholder mobilization in land use planimplementation.


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