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Nationality: Zambia
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 42
Languages: Swahili , English (excellent), Chichewa (very good)
Countries of experience: Zambia
Sectors of experience: Fundraising, Public Administration, Urban Development
Financing agencies: GIZ
Key qualifications:

Advising on generation, effective utilisation & administration of revenue.

• Urban Management and Development with specialisation in Managing Urban Governance (Government and Civil.
• Society) with experience in property valuation, property management and housing Key role as Technical Expert in ensuring participatory measures in citizen participation in pre-budget preparation to improve citizen-oriented services and support and guidance towards civil society stakeholder dialogues for Local Authority, ratepayer sensitisations, land and settlement upgrading between local authorities, traditional leaders and community members.
• Coordinating and implementing the provision of information and strengthening of financial capacities of local government representatives and staff with regard to local government financial management, budget planning (planning and budgeting), budget implementation, LGEF, and other sources of revenue.
• Developing and implementing support strategies to enhance own source revenue of municipalities with a special focus on revenue generation through property rates.

- Training LA staff in developing revenue enhancement strategies.
- Supporting updating of valuation rolls.
- Assessing other sources of revenue and providing support and advice to enhance collections.
- Support towards training in efficient data collection techniques to enhance property data base management.

• Land Administration, focusing on ensuring compliance with lease conditions through land identification for allocation and inspections to ensure compliance with development conditions.
• In-depth knowledge and expertise in Shelter & Settlements, land management and administration and management of government property portfolio in Zambia.
• Participated in the formulation of the Government Property Management Policy.
• Contibuted to the development of the National Housing Policy.
• Real Estate & Housing professional, advising on values of all types of landed property – Inspection of properties, verification of status i.e. Lands registers, planning restrictions & other encumbrances etc. & preparation and review of valuation reports to ensure quality.
• Keeping an up-to-date data base on current property market trends and, providing advice on government housing policy and standards.
• Excellent understanding of the Zambian sub-national government system and local administration.
• Wide network in local authorities throughout the Zambia.
• Extensive hands-on experience in advising local authorities on property tax mobilisation and administration.
• Good understanding of local government financial management; scrutinising and summarising of submitted annual budgets by local authorities for approval purposes.

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Nationality: Guinea-Bissau
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 14
Languages: Portuguese (excellent), Creole (excellent), English (excellent), Spanish (good), Russian (good), French (basic)
Countries of experience: Benin, Timor-Leste, Guinea-Bissau
Sectors of experience: Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Law, Research, Youth, Finance & Accounting, SME & Private Sector, Training
Financing agencies: EC, UNDP, UN, IFAD, AECID, ECOWAS
Key qualifications:

Professional Senior Consultant with an analytical mindset. Skilled in providing qualitative and quantitative research and support for identifying business opportunities, organizational change through research, optimization and systems development. Focused on reducing costs, entrammeling processes and maximizing resource utilization. Experience with problem-solving, internal controls and procedures negatively impacting business operations, including financial management.

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Nationality: Lebanon, USA
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 28
Languages: French (excellent), English (excellent), Arabic (excellent), Spanish (basic)
Countries of experience: Georgia, USA, Lebanon
Sectors of experience: Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training, Conflict, Security, Human Rights, Law, Gender
Financing agencies: Expertise France, GA Canada, UNDP, UN, OECD, Oxfam International, EC, FCDO, USAID
Key qualifications:

Senior Legal/Human Rights & GESI Consultant.

Attorney with almost 25 years of international experience. Expertise in Ethics & Compliance, Democracy, Governance and Rule of Law, Access to Justice, Gender, GBV prevention and response, and Women, Peace and Security. As a thematic expert, collaborated in consultation session with national committees and international donor agencies for the development of the 2022- 2030 National Strategy for Women in Lebanon and the implementation of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security and UNSCR 1325.

American Attorney Admitted to the Florida Bar.

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Nationality: Chile
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 21
Languages: English , Spanish (excellent)
Countries of experience: Azerbaijan, Vanuatu, USA, Chile
Sectors of experience: Gender, Social Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Statistics, Research, Education
Financing agencies: WB, Other, Government, OECD, UNICEF
Key qualifications:

Early childhood specialist with more than 20-year experience on the field. 

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Nationality: Australia, Serbia
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 25
Languages: Serbian (excellent), English (excellent), Croatian (excellent), Bosnian (excellent), Russian (fair)
Countries of experience: Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Moldova, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
Sectors of experience: Energy, Human Rights, Training, Mapping & Cadastre, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Research, Environment & NRM, Poverty Reduction, Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation, Gender, Social Development
Financing agencies: EIB, MCC, WB, ADB
Key qualifications:

Specialties: Community development, Community consultations, Resettlement - Social safeguards, Social impact assessment, Social research, Gender main-streaming, Supervision.

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Nationality: Nigeria
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 23
Languages: English (excellent)
Countries of experience: Switzerland, UK, Nigeria
Sectors of experience: Energy, Gender, Health, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Procurement, Monitoring & Evaluation, Anti-Corruption, Programme & Resource Management, Water Navigation & Ports & Shipping, Finance & Accounting, Agriculture, Youth, Migration, Law, Media and Communications, Audit, Marketing, Industry, Commerce & Services, SME & Private Sector, Statistics, Research, Trade
Financing agencies: MFA Netherlands, UNDP, WB, AFD, ITC, FCDO, GIZ, EC
Key qualifications:

Dynamic and goal-oriented professional specialising in international trade and investment for the African market.
More than 15 years of experience in executing international development programs.
Extensive knowledge in various fields, including trade and investment facilitation, trade policy research and reform, regional economic integration, and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement.
Proven track record of providing data-driven insights to support clients in making informed decisions.
Extensive background in trade and investment.
Worked on various projects and engagements across different sectors. Some of these include collaborations with esteemed organisations such as the World Bank, European Union, German Embassy/GIZ, Swedish Embassy, Naurex Nigeria, Nigerian Trade Experts Forum, Federal Ministry of Agriculture Rural-Urban Development, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN), Expo-Link, Manufacturing Association of Egypt, Natax International, UK, Policy Development Facility 2 (PDF II), MSCA Worldwide Projects, Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Export Connections, UK, National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable (NASSBER), Technical Trade Working Group, Nigerian Private Sector Alliance (NiPSA), as well as several ministries, departments, agencies of the Nigerian government, state governments, NGOs, and private organisations.
Skill set extends beyond trade and investment, encompassing areas such as access to finance, geographical indications (GIs), opinion polling, consumer studies, observation research, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, market research, capacity building, technical advisory services, B2B matchmaking, market linkages and value chains, investment profiling and promotion, project and program evaluation, export market access/development, public-private sector partnerships, and results-based project design and planning.
Dedicated professional with a strong track record of driving positive outcomes in the field of international trade and investment.

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Nationality: Bangladesh
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 6
Languages: Bangla (excellent), English (good)
Countries of experience: Bangladesh
Sectors of experience: Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Gender, Social Development, Human Rights
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

Over six years of experience in child protection and gender equality, diversity, and inclusion (GEDI).
Core competencies include policy advocacy, protection, strategic planning, Coordination and planning, project and budget management, Safeguarding, Conflict resolution, etc.
Demonstrated expertise in emergency response, particularly in the Rohingya crisis in Cox's Bazar. Worked with UNCHR, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP, IOM, USAID, BPRM, GAC, BHA, GFFO, ECHO, DFID, and BPRM-Consortium projects.

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Nationality: Uganda
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 16
Languages: Arabic , English (excellent)
Countries of experience: South Sudan
Sectors of experience: Health, Statistics, Research, Education, Food Security, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Gender, Human Rights, Monitoring & Evaluation
Financing agencies: FAO, UN Women, UNDP
Key qualifications:

Highly motivated and result oriented MEAL and RBM Specialist with over 10 years of experience in leading program team on development of MEAL framework, logical framework and theories of change for various projects. Skilled on development of country strategy and annual work plan, project cycle management, grant proposal writing and data analysis with SPSS tool.


  • Project cycle management (PMC).
  • Indicator development of RBM.
  • Data analysis and use of SPSS.
  • Quality assurance &data quality.
  • Theories of change & Logframe.
  • Institutional fundraising planning.
  • Research and project evaluation.


  • Gender based violence (GBV).
  • FSL and vulnerability assessment.
  • Conflict Sensitivity and do no harm.
  • Sexual and Reproductive health.
  • Multi stakeholder collaboration.
  • Disaster response and mitigations.
  • Nutrition, Health and Education.
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Nationality: Nigeria
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 19
Languages: Hausa (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: Nigeria
Sectors of experience: Statistics, Information & Communication Technology, Education, Health, Monitoring & Evaluation
Financing agencies: Global Fund, ACF
Key qualifications:

A highly driven, resourceful, diligent, well-trained, and experienced public health professional, monitoring and evaluation, a high-energy team payer with a keen sense of humor and ability to work with just about anybody in a friendly, collegial, inclusive, and collaborative way.

Can contribute to implementing multiple, complex, and often competing projects and priorities through a calm and measured approach.

• Monitoring, Evaluation, and Knowledge Management in Public Health Programs
• Development of M&E Logic Model (Log frame, Result Framework, and Theory of Change development and application)
• Value for Money (VfM)
• Operations Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)
• Data Analysis and Interpretation
• M&E of Public Health, Population, and Nutrition
• Data Demand and Use for Public Health Programs
• Developing/designing M&E Tools /templates and Training/Workshop Materials
• Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), Planning and Management.
• Organize workshops and facilitate training and mentoring.
• Data Quality Assurance (DQA)
• Data Quality Management/Audit (spot check)
• Supportive Supervision Skills with a focus on Ownership and Sustainability
• Reports writing
• Ability to work with minimal supervision, work well under pressure, and tight schedules, as well as meet deadlines.
• Willingness to accept added duties AND possess excellent interpersonal relationships.

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Nationality: France
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 17
Languages: Spanish , Italian , Creole , German (excellent), French (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: UK, France, Germany
Sectors of experience: Grants & Grant Schemes, Research, Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing, Energy, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment)
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

15 years of experience working with consultants and senior executives in many highly technical niche markets.

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Nationality: Egypt
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 10
Languages: English , Egyptian , Arabic (excellent)
Countries of experience: Egypt
Sectors of experience: Civil Engineering
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

Senior civil engineering & project management professional.

Documented record of strong & decisive leadership in managing multi-disciplinary projects. Proven track record of success in project management from development to delivery encompassing planning, monitoring, and controlling phases of the project lifecycle. Well-versed with the industrial standards essential for executing civil projects.

A dynamic professional with an illustrious career in managing end-to-end planning & controlling of projects; demonstrated excellence in ramping up projects with competent skills and management, ensuring on-time deliverables within pre-set cost parameters. Proven capabilities in handling multiple projects at a time with minimum supervision.

Hands-on experience of over 9 years in planning, organizing, leading, and monitoring huge projects from initiation to conclusion timely, within budgets, ensuring optimum resource utilization for quality deliverance.

Ensuring that all activities are carried out as per the requirements of organizational policies.

Demonstrated excellence in translating projects into a sequential work schedule: conducting interactive planning sessions; drawing up master schedule to establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet completion deadlines.

Skilled in managing budgets, approving project drawings & reports, overseeing orders & delivery of equipment, taking care of any changes a client wants to make & resolving problems and ensuring that work is completed on time.

Out-of-the-box thinker holds expertise in diligently addressing operational issues and ensuring continued productivity.

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Nationality: Kenya
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 35
Languages: Swahili (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: Gambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya
Sectors of experience: Education, Poverty Reduction, Fundraising, SME & Private Sector, Grants & Grant Schemes, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Programme & Resource Management, Public Administration, Monitoring & Evaluation
Financing agencies: GA Canada, DANIDA, USAID, Government, NORAD, UN, UNICEF, UN Women, UNCDF, AGRA, FCDO, SIDA, UNDP, WB
Key qualifications:

Expert in : Governance, Decentralization, Human Rights and Rule of Law, Public Sector Reforms, Women Economic Empowerment, SME/Agribusiness/Private Sector Development, Business Development Services, Public Sector Reforms, Programme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Inclusive Growth And Poverty Reduction.

Years of experience: over 20 years.

Relevant skills and competencies:

Programme Strategic Planning and Management:

Working as a programme manager/lead for the last over 20 years in donor funded projects including USAID, World Bank, Sweden, Norway and Finland funded. Bulk of the work include establishment of project management and planning systems including linking planning, budgeting, implementation, budget tracking, compliance and results.

Experience in Democratic Governance:

Extensive experience in democratic governance space. This includes in public sector reforms; governance, justice law and order subsector; legal sector reforms; public financial management reforms; civil society sector, devolved/decentralized governance and private sector.
Immense competencies to handle policy analysis and formulation, promotion of rule of law, access to justice and human rights approaches in programming and governance.
Hands on capabilities for working with senior and technical Government officials in a wide range of areas including policy formulation and implementation, reforms for different sectors and project steering committee meetings.

Working with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs):

Wealth of experience in working with CSOs.
Worked with CSOs in different sectors including capacity development in Africa, agricultural sector, gender mainstreaming and corporate governance.

Experience United Nations:

Worked in programme management in the UN cumulatively for over 10 years.

Results Based Management and Knowledge Management:

Wealth of international experience in project management including conception, proposal, approval, commissioning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), reporting and completion.

Experience in Working in African Region:

Worked in different countries in sub-Sahara Africa.

Programme Coordination and Reporting:

Strong background in working, coordination and reporting to a wide range of donors including: USAID, World Bank, UNDP, DFID, CIDA, Sida, DANIDA, NORAD.
For over 20 years have continually worked in donor funded projects in public sector, NGO sector and in the UN system.
Ability to steer strategic engagement with donors on project activities throughout the project life cycle.
Hands on skills in coordinating programmes within UN agencies, public and private sectors and CSOs. This includes: engagement in project formulation and development, resource mobilization including proposal development; project planning; periodic face-to-face update and consultation meetings; results-based, timely high-quality reporting which are responsive to donors standards and formats; and frequent feedback on project achievements.

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Nationality: Spain
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 17
Languages: Spanish (excellent), English (excellent), Portuguese (good), Russian (basic), French (basic)
Countries of experience: Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, UK, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Switzerland
Sectors of experience: Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Programme & Resource Management, Grants & Grant Schemes, Research, Training, Health
Financing agencies: ADB, UNDP, US DoS, Gavi, UNICEF, WHO
Key qualifications:

Global health & health systems policy, research and management consultant.

Management and project management:
• Experience managing multimillion dollar grants and projects, from planning phase to continuous implementation and successful delivery of complex outputs.
• Working with global distributed teams, frontline workers in Low-Income countries and managing and supervising 30+ employees. Experience improving and designing operations.

• Successfully leading, conducting, and coordinating research; Including the publication of scientific articles in top peer-reviewed journals with input from global experts.
• Conducting field research and producing actionable reports with evidence for implementation, followed by national authorities, development partners, and funders.

Global public health policy:
• Conducted and published research on global health policy, and worked with policy makers on several topics during international engagements.

Health systems strengthening:
• Working on complex health system areas as a consultant and researcher, for UN and academic institutions, even participating on improvement projects as a clinician.
Knowledge management and knowledge product development.
• Extensive experience in collecting, synthetising knowledge from various fields of expertise, culminating in products such as operational guidelines, public reports, global health conference presentations, UN norms and standard manuals, policy advice, and equivalent.

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Nationality: Sudan
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 9
Languages: English (excellent), Arabic (excellent)
Countries of experience: Chad, Sudan
Sectors of experience: Health
Financing agencies: UN, WHO
Key qualifications:

Medical Doctor with over nine years of experience in clinical practice and public health field at national and subnational levels. Extended experience in immunization and vaccine preventable disease surveillance, in resources limited and emergency settings, security compromised areas like Darfur zone.

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Nationality: Ethiopia
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 26
Languages: English (excellent), Amharic (excellent)
Countries of experience: Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia
Sectors of experience: Grants & Grant Schemes, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Programme & Resource Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building
Financing agencies: USAID, AU, Oxfam International, SCI, EC
Key qualifications:

An expert in program and grants’ management of international development and humanitarian interventions at senior management and technical positions, 25+ years of experience that combined technical assistance to programs supporting local organizations, managing multi-thematic grants, capacity building and program/project strategic leadership, technical oversight, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, training, advocacy, leadership from working and living in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Afghanistan. Experience at progressive senior positions as local and expatriate staff with consulting companies, Foundation, international NGOs, local civil society organizations and their donors.

Areas of expertise:
-Program/Project management.
-Technical assistance to local partners.
-Grant portfolio management.
-Capacity development.
-Localization and partnership.
-Civil society development.
-Monitoring and evaluation systems.
-Project design/Proposal writing.
-Training, mentoring and facilitating.

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Nationality: Kenya
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 14
Languages: Swahili (excellent), English (excellent), French (basic)
Countries of experience: Kenya
Sectors of experience: Statistics, Research, Environment & NRM
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

A versatile hydrologist and environmental engineer deeply passionate about finding solutions, building resilient ecosystems while optimizing flows of natural resources in various approaches in the physical, technical, socioeconomic and political dimensions to address the related water issues sustainably and efficiently. With over a decade of verifiable experience, delved into design of water projects, studying, devising, and investigating strategies to effectively address the evolving landscape approaches, payments for ecosystem services, and development policy, governance challenges and practice in water and environment in the face of a changing climate. Specific skill set encompasses inclusive techniques and decision-making processes grounded in nature-based solutions, ecosystem based adaptation and hydrological modelling, participatory and multi-stakeholder methodologies. Adept at structuring research, orchestrating and strategizing field surveys, creating data collection instruments, and conducting focus group discussions. 

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Nationality: Sierra Leone
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 19
Languages: English (excellent)
Countries of experience: South Sudan, Sierra Leone
Sectors of experience: Logistics, Procurement, Information & Communication Technology, Audit, Administration, Finance & Accounting
Financing agencies: USAID
Key qualifications:

Experienced result-oriented Accounting, and Administrative Professional with over fifteen years of Financial and Administrative Management experience in high-profile International NGOs both in Sierra Leone and overseas. Extensive grants and sub-grant management, reporting, and compliance skills for major donors like USAID, DFID, EC, Irish Aid, Comic Relief, and the UN Agencies.

• Excellent Financial Management and donor reporting skills.
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
• Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
• Corporate Governance and Compliance.
• Financial management & budgeting.
• Expert in QuickBooks Pro 2019, QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE), SCALA, AAA Accounting and SUN System, SAP.
• Budgets & Budgetary Control.
• Payroll management.
• Donor Compliance and Auditing skills.
• Expert in Managing partnerships and sub-grantees.
• Project proposal Development Skills.

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Nationality: Mozambique
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 17
Languages: Afrikaans , Portuguese (excellent), English (very good), Spanish (basic)
Countries of experience: Mozambique
Sectors of experience: Marketing, Media and Communications
Financing agencies: MFA Netherlands, FCDO, SIDA, UN, UNFPA, USAID
Key qualifications:

Marketing, Communication, Business Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Public Relations and Fundraising.

Determined, results-orientated professional with over 15 years’ experience in communications, marketing, management and fundraising.

Internal and External Communications. 5/5.
Social Media Management. 5/5.
Media and spokesperson training facilitator. 5/5.
Events Production Planner. 5/5.
Business Development and Fundraising. 5/5.
Marketing Management. 5/5.
Knowledge Management. 4/5.
Client management. 5/5.
Content Production. 5/5.
Media and Public Relations. 5/5.
Communications for behaviour change. 5/5.
Communication for development. 5/5.
Strategic communication. 5/5.
Strategic marketing. 5/5.
Government and Donor Relations. 5/5.

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Nationality: Afghanistan
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 5
Languages: Dari (excellent), Pashto (excellent), English (excellent), Urdu (good)
Countries of experience: Pakistan, Afghanistan
Sectors of experience: Electrical Engineering, Energy
Financing agencies: GIZ
Key qualifications:

Over 5 years of hands-on experience in renewable energy design and implementation. Able to extend across multiple disciplines, including photovoltaic system design, renewable energy integration, energy efficiency optimization, and energy storage.

Designed and implemented both Off-grid and On-grid solar photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial clients, resulting in a combined energy generation capacity of 1.4 MW.

Conducted detailed energy audits and assessments for more than 120 clients, utilizing advanced Internet of Thing (IoT) devices for real-time data collection at the site, providing them with comprehensive reports on the potential benefits and estimated costs, this led to a 32% increase in new client acquisition.

Possessing strong knowledge and practical experience in using design and simulation software for developing conceptual electrical models and conducting real-time simulations. Proficient in ETAP, Power Sim, AutoCAD, PVsyst, Homer Pro, and PVSol.

Developed and implemented a comprehensive safety training program for all installers, resulting in a 70% reduction in workplace accidents and enhancing overall team morale and efficiency.

Provided training to clients’ personnel and community members on solar energy practices, system maintenance, operation, and monitoring, aiming to build local capacity for the long-term sustainability of solar systems.

Key skills:

Successfully scaled up 1.4 MW solar energy systems and optimize operations by maintaining a balance between efficiency and accuracy in project execution.
Constantly produce and explore innovative ideas in the renewable energy field, adopting new methodologies and displaying comprehensive problem-solving approaches.
Actively seek methods to expand my skills by working with peers to share and gain renewable energy knowledge.
Quickly adapt renewable energy strategies and processes to changing market conditions and technical advancements.
Demonstrate unwavering perseverance in overcoming obstacles and negotiating complex renewable energy projects.
Collaboration in the renewable energy sector, creating partnerships and coalitions to advance sustainable energy initiatives.
Promote diversity and equality in the renewable energy sector by promoting productive discussions.

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Nationality: Kenya
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 16
Languages: Swahili (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: Kenya
Sectors of experience: Gender, Labour Market & Employment, Youth, Monitoring & Evaluation, Water & Sanitation, Media and Communications, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, SME & Private Sector, Decentralization & Local Development, Mining, Environment & NRM, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Programme & Resource Management, Human Rights
Financing agencies: WWF Global, FCDO, EC, GIZ, ILO, UN Women, UNFCCC, UN
Key qualifications:

Governance and Human Rights Expert, Policy and Advocacy Specialist, Researcher and Strategist.

- Expert knowledge on governance and human rights with specialisation in gender, business and human rights, natural resource governance, labour rights, conservation and public finance management.
- Substantial exposure to the development and application of Environment and Social Safeguard Frameworks at scale.
- Vast experience in campaigning, policy advocacy and engaging national, regional and international frameworks of human rights and United Nations special procedures.
- Research and managing large multi-country consultancy projects.
- Gender mainstreaming and conflict-sensitivity programming.
- Persuasive writing and storytelling, development of technical reports, peer review and editing.
- Project and programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and providing technical backstopping to implementation teams.
- Developing toolkits, support tools and guidance on governance issues.
- Designing and implementing inclusive and rights-based multi-stakeholder engagement processes.
- Professional Mediation.

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Nationality: Kenya
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 9
Languages: Swahili (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: Kenya
Sectors of experience: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Training, Information & Communication Technology
Financing agencies:
Key qualifications:

Highly qualified expert with an outstanding academic background and a successful track record of over 9 years of Technical and Enterprise projects and programs funded by the government and private institutions based in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Mauritius, Rwanda and Egypt. Exceptional management experience and skilled leadership to fulfill the company’s strategic requirements and project objectives.

• Regional Project Management, of successful ICT projects Cloud Migration of On-Premises Applications and Infrastructure, Oracle Systems deployment and upgrade, Data Centre Implementation, Automation of Manual Health Insurance process through AI.
• Control of departmental budget and projects pool budget of over USD 800,000 for prudent expenditure through implementation of cost control measures.
• Refined relationship-building skills and experience working collaboratively with vendors, suppliers, Insurance Agencies, internal and regional staff of over 5000 personnel.
• Implementation of Life, Health and General Insurance systems including its Mobile App and web version development. This includes Actisure Health System (UK), ISF Life System (India) and Premia version 9 & 11 General Systems (India).
• Execution of Healthcare Mobile app products and web development, with integration of AI solutions and Machine Learning for external stakeholders such as Eastern African National Citizens, County Government employees, Agents, intermediaries, brokers and medical service providers.
• Experience in Implementation of an Oracle based Financial/Enterprise system (India) used in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius and Burundi regional offices.
• Experience in deployment of Oracle based Financial/Enterprise system upgrade regional project from Version 2018 to 2021.
• Execution of an IT Data Centre Configuration and storage project in Tanzania and Uganda regional office, with an IT project team consisting of Server and Storage engineers, Network Engineers, System Administrators, Database consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya.
• Migration of IT on-premises infrastructure and application to Microsoft365, Oracle and AWS Hybrid Cloud Migration.
• Execution of a Manual Health insurance claims process through AI Integration. This included automation of Medical Claims process from paper based to electronic based, through integration of Curacel Systems (Nigeria).
• Experience in implementation of High Availability project of the Network architecture in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius and Burundi regional offices.
• Project delivery in accordance with the required standards and governance, such as PMI Frameworks, ISO standards and adherence to the Kenyan Data Protection Laws (Office of the Data Protection Commissioner).
• Established solid working relationships and conducted regular staff meetings for enhanced collaboration to control the program plan and ensure quality assurance.
• Coordinated stakeholder engagement (internal team, subcontractors, government customers, facilities representatives, and company management) and communication through reporting program progress/issues to customers and management entities.
• Monitored program/project contractual adherence to policies, procedures, and scope requirements and validated invoices for payment processing.
• Understanding of Lean and Agile project methodologies and frameworks.
• Project reporting by use of advanced technological reporting tools/ software such as Microsoft Project, Asana, Jira, Shortcut.
• Experience in Accounting software’s such as Quick books, SAP, and Oracle iProcurement System.
• Risk and Cost Management of all project’s aspects.
• Understanding of the principles and frameworks of successful project management from a support perspective.
• Proven experience in providing efficient customer service to internal and external stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.
• Understanding of project delivery and acceptance processes within a fast-paced business environment.
• Practical skills in drafting reports, work and operations plans, risk assessment, gap analysis, and needs assessment.
• Capacity development and knowledge management professional experienced in developing and implementing programs training up to 500 personnel per year, with a focus on Change Management and Business process improvement.

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Nationality: Mozambique
Gender: Female
Years of experience: 21
Languages: Portuguese (excellent), English (very good)
Countries of experience: Mozambique
Sectors of experience: Education, Health, Water & Sanitation, Agriculture, Decentralization & Local Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Human Rights, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Programme & Resource Management
Financing agencies: GIZ, SDC, Global Fund
Key qualifications:

Experience of over 8 years working on inclusive development, and policy reform, Democratic Governance, Human Rights, Decent work for young people, oversighting and follow up development cooperation programmes. 3 years as Governance and Human Rights Programme Officer. 6 years as Governance and Human Rights Project Officer dealing with different donors funded projects (e.g: DANIDA, EU, Swiss Development Cooperation), contributing for new policy activity designs, liaise with communities of practice to drive policy reforms to strengthen gender public services. 4 years as Governance Program Officer coordinating and monitoring local advisors and National Partners work on decent work for young people, also worked for 2 years as Local Governance Advisor providing advisory services to Government and Civil Society organizations and promoting the participation of communities, civil society organizations (CSO), forums in dialogue with the government. Coordinated the Governance and Human Rights Programs and have diverse experience engaging government and civil society organizations, from project formulation, project management including procurement processes, studies, and field research. Support and facilitate trainings for civil society organizations, private sector, media, government institutions, parliament and communities, private sector on governance, human rights, water and sanitation and gender issues. During the entire work experience, dealt with meeting and agenda planning and facilitation, travel organization which includes administrative and programme duties. Strong domain of the Mozambique socio-political context, and capacity to analyze public policies and develop lobby and advocacy strategy as well developing knowledge and learning platform, report elaboration accordingly. Worked as Advisor for the education, water and sanitation sector. With strong capacity and experience of social engagement for the participation of the different actors in the spaces of political dialogue and decision spaces to influence public policies, (with government institutions, parliament, civil society organizations) at different levels.

• 9 years working within international organizations in human rights and gender responsive public services (Health, Nutrition, Education, Water and Sanitation & development work; decent work and youth empowerment, decentralization, transparency and accountability), 4 years working in bilateral cooperation (GIZ) advising local governments on participatory planning and budgeting processes.
• Strong capacity to establish, facilitate learning and knowledge platforms, good skills on impact report, documentation and dissemination of information;
• Large experience to engage and deal with clusters, government department, donors, parliament, private sector, civil society organizations,
Experience of developing, planning, managing, monitoring and reporting on multi-country institutional donor-funded projects with annual budget of at least €1,7 million.
• Strong knowledge on policy analysis, Human Rights, gender, governance, transparency.
• Vast experience on networking and alliance building and use partnership approach within and across the country;
• Experience engagement at SADC, AU levels to influence decision making processes;
• Good knowledge on the main, SADC and global governance instruments (e.g: Sustainable Development Goals, African Governance Arquitecture-AGA; African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance -ACDEG);
• Vast experience of working in Development and Human Rights Programs.
• Experience on working with parliament, government departments at all levels; stablish multi-stakeholders platforms, clusters.
• Knowledge of participatory methodologies and advisory techniques for development projects;
• 8 years on project design, planning, management and monitoring from multi-donors (DANIDA, EU, Netherland, Swiss Development Cooperation) Experience in the coordination and management of NGOs and Forums at national, regional (SADC) levels.

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Nationality: Cote d'Ivoire
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 22
Languages: French (excellent), English (good)
Countries of experience: Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Haiti, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Djibouti, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Chad, Dem. Rep. Congo, Togo, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire
Sectors of experience: Programme & Resource Management, Research, Gender, Audit, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Health
Financing agencies: EC, USAID, AFD, SCI, Gavi, WHO, UNOPS, UNFPA, WB, UNICEF, UNAIDS, Expertise France, Global Fund
Key qualifications:

Domaine(s) d’expertise(s) / Qualifications clés/Thématiques:
• Planification stratégique et opérationnelle des programmes, projets de santé et développement.
• Analyse des systèmes de santé, identification des problèmes et priorisations.
• Audit des données et organisationnel.
• Renforcement des systèmes de santé communautaire.
• Suivi évaluation des projets et programmes.
• Renforcement des capacités.
• Budgétisation des projets et programmes.

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Nationality: Mauritania
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 41
Languages: French , English , Arabic (excellent)
Countries of experience: Burkina Faso, Burundi, Djibouti, Mauritania, Rwanda, Syria
Sectors of experience: Civil Engineering, Programme & Resource Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Water & Sanitation
Financing agencies: AfDB, FCDO, AFD, BADEA, Enabel, MFA Finland, EC, UNICEF
Key qualifications:

• Work experience, a blend of technical institutional, social and management skills vital to successful integration of water, sanitation, and hygiene with development to help achieve results for children.
• Experience span across broad spectrum of service delivery and drive for results, exemplary programme management, community development, capacity building, advocacy and public relations.
• Special aptitude to deliver in hard circumstances and emergency setting.
• International and national experiences.
• Expertise in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, a strong component of policy formulation, action planning, result planning, strategy development, capacity and institutional building of stakeholders (government, community, NGOS).
• Particularly passionate about the need to use water, sanitation, advocacy and hygiene to reduce/eliminate diarrhoeal diseases, a major cause of mortality and morbidity among children, and for livelihoods improvement.
• Passionate trying to demonstrate evidence on relationship between water, sanitation, hygiene and poverty.
• Interactions with strong and prominent donors, such as World bank and AfDB in Rwanda and Danish Cooperation, Japan, and AFD in Burkina Faso, additional strengths in the area of management, public relations, proposal writing, fund raising and planning for results for children.
• Deliver results for children convinces him to spend longer hours in the most effective and efficient manner to deliver results for the children such as drought in horn of Africa as well Syria, Burundi arm conflicts, and climate change and conflicts in Burkina Faso has provided me with quite round and bold experience in the Triple Nexus Humanitarian, Development and Peace.

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Nationality: Bangladesh
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 18
Languages: English (excellent), Bangla (excellent)
Countries of experience: Bangladesh
Sectors of experience: Water & Sanitation, Civil Engineering
Financing agencies: IFRC, Other, SDC
Key qualifications:

More than 18 years of experience in the development sector,
Expertise spans three key thematic areas: climate resilience, public health, and sustainable livelihood.
Specialize in innovation, idea generation, and comprehensive project management, encompassing planning, design, budgeting, implementation, and risk management for diverse projects
Excel in producing case study reports and standardized video documentaries.
Expertise in various domains, including road construction, high-rise commercial building design, industrial building design, and Integrated Water Resource Management.
Background includes a deep understanding of health and hygiene considerations and hands-on experience in site supervision, construction work, accountancy, tendering, and evaluation.
Adept at producing pre-stressing detailed drawings, design, and geotechnical profiles, with comprehensive knowledge of construction methods and sequences in civil and structural construction.
Proficient in various civil engineering software and have a thorough understanding of FIDIC conditions of contracts.

Expertise of thematic area:

Climate Resilience

▪ Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
▪ Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
▪ Solid Waste Management (SWM)
▪ Indigenous Knowledge
▪ Building Local Expertise

Public Health

▪ Health, Water & Sanitation
▪ Raising Awareness
▪ Children Hygiene and Sanitation Transform (CHAST)
▪ Primary Hygiene and Sanitation Transform (PHAST)
▪ Sanitation value chain

Sustainable Livelihood

▪ Local Livelihood System
▪ Entrepreneurship/Private Sector Development and Improvement
▪ Income Generating Activities and Market Linkage
▪ Livelihood Value Chains

Infrastructures modeling proficiency:

A. Surface water:

▪ Canal and check dam
▪ Water retention schemes (pond/watershed mgt)
▪ Improved irrigation system (rcc/buried pipe)
▪ Pond sand filter
▪ Waste water mgt. at paurashava level
▪ Renewable energy-based irrigation system

B. Ground Water:

▪ Drinking water supply system with waste water mgt.
▪ 50 k litter overhead tank with 6 km pipeline
▪ Drip irrigation
▪ AWD irrigation system
▪ Farrow irrigation system
▪ Ring method irrigation system
▪ Sprinkler irrigation system
▪ Renewable energy-based drinking water supply system

C. Rainwater & Others:

▪ Rainwater harvesting system
▪ Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)
▪ Pond based rainwater harvesting
▪ Solid waste mgt at Paurashava
▪ Crop diversifications and incentive.
▪ Shelter point
▪ School led wash block
▪ Girls’ menstrual facilities latrine
▪ Repairing works of union health & family welfare center (UH&FWC)
▪ Repairing works community clinic (C.C)
▪ Repairing works union sub center
▪ Repairing works preprimary school’s infrastructures.
▪ Making a mobility system for the disabled.

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Nationality: USA, Yemen
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 18
Languages: English (excellent), Arabic (excellent)
Countries of experience: Syria, Turkey, Yemen
Sectors of experience: Health, Administration, Human Resources, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Procurement, Programme & Resource Management
Financing agencies: Mercy Corps, Gavi, GA Canada, AFD, Gates Foundation, DRC, DANIDA, SIDA, WHO, UNFPA, FCDO, UN, UNICEF, WFP, EC, USAID
Key qualifications:

Certified humanitarian senior manager with over 18 years of experience covering all aspects of operational management within international relief and development. Operating in conflict areas like Yemen and Syria, leading effective distribution of life-saving emergency response to people hit by manmade or natural disasters. Areas of expertise include:

• International Development.
• Field Management.
• Financial & Budget Management.
• Security Management.
• Humanitarian Relief.
• Program Implementation.
• Conflict/Hardship Locations.
• Government/Donor Relations.
• Emergency Preparedness/Response.
• Strategy & Planning.
• Supply Chain & Operations Management.
• FSL, WASH, Protection, Health, Nutrition.

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Nationality: UK
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 10
Languages: Thai , English (excellent), Spanish (basic)
Countries of experience: Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine / West Bank & Gaza, UK
Sectors of experience: Media and Communications
Key qualifications:


10 years extensive experience specialising in documentary video and photography content for civil society and governments, including renowned international organisations such as Comic Relief and the UK Government. Expert in ethical and collaborative storytelling with diverse experience working cross-culturally in over 18 countries and territories. Committed to producing digital video and photography content of outstanding production value, with award-winning works published internationally by Academia Film Olomouc, the BBC, National Geographic and Fujifilm House of Photography. Extensive expertise delivering and developing participatory story gathering practices with pilot projects in Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda.


- Producing: Adept in managing the video production process from concept to completion, especially working collaboratively to curate creative concepts and visualise them through scripts, storyboards and treatments.
- Videography and Photography: In-depth technical knowledge of professional camera, sound and lighting techniques and equipment. Committed to producing content of outstanding production value, with expert proficiency in Sony Alpha and Canon EOS cameras, plus DJI drone and gimbal technologies.
- Editing: Skilled in all aspects of the editing process including narrative assembly, colour grading, audio mastering, motion graphics and platform optimisation, with advanced proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Premiere Pro.
- Story Gathering: Expert in co-creation, equitable story-gathering techniques and facilitating production cross-culturally with storytellers. Highly knowledgeable of interviewing, consent and safeguarding best-practice. Wealth of experience working sensitively with communities, including children and people at risk, in a range of contexts including hostile environments in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

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Nationality: Burkina Faso
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 13
Languages: French (excellent), English (very good)
Countries of experience: Mali, Togo, Niger, Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso
Sectors of experience: Programme & Resource Management, Agriculture, Decentralization & Local Development, Advocacy, Trade, Monitoring & Evaluation, Youth, Research, Marketing, Human Resources, Statistics, SME & Private Sector, Training
Financing agencies: UNDP, AFD, ILO, Other
Key qualifications:

Coach en performance | Formateur | Sociologue Changement social | Consultant en développement & stratégie d'entreprise.

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Nationality: Uganda
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 20
Languages: Lusoga (excellent), English (excellent), Swahili (good), Luganda (good)
Countries of experience: Uganda
Sectors of experience: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Public Administration, Media and Communications, Agriculture, Risk Management (incl. insurance), Marketing, Training, Research, Audit, Environment & NRM, Social Development
Financing agencies: AfDB, FCDO, Government, ISDB, Global Fund, WB
Key qualifications:

Senior sociologist and Social safeguards specialist on Infrastructure and Human development projects: Specializing in development review and update of Contractor Construction Environmental and Social Management Plans(C-ESMPs) and related supplimental plans; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Auditing; Grievance management,Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies,Resettlement Action Plans,Community Development Planning,Construction Supervision(Environmental and Social,Health and Safety),Social Economic studies,Livelihood restoration,cultural heritage and archeological studies and stakeholder Engagement all on donar funded projects including World Bank,AfBB,IsDB,Kfw,EU,JICA among others.

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Nationality: Uganda
Gender: Male
Years of experience: 14
Languages: Luganda (excellent), English (excellent)
Countries of experience: South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda
Sectors of experience: Education, Procurement, Decentralization & Local Development, Training, Finance & Accounting, Statistics, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance
Financing agencies: SIDA, GIZ, Government, UNCDF
Key qualifications:

Competent in: Budgeting, Capital Budgeting mechanisms for SMEs and large corporations, advising on Earnings Management, ratio analysis, Public Financial Management systems and control, Tax Planning, Ms. Word, Ms. excel, Ms. Power point, SPSS, Stata and SEM (AMOS).

Skillful in research coordination. This was achieved through team leading on many research projects.

High skills in empirical research and data analysis using tools such as Structural Equation Modelling (AMOS), Atlas ti and STATA.

Research Interests: Tax policy, Public Sector Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and MSME management and any other development related activities.

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